Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Honeymoon Room and Mother's Day....

One of the big things we did in the house before the arrival of the newlyweds, was to make a honeymoon suite for them.  My 10 year old was gracious enough to give up his room and move back in with his big brother so that we could have the extra bedroom.  After a lot of moving of  "stuff", I painted the room a crisp fresh white and set about decorating it.  I wanted it to have a vintage feeling but not be too cluttered.  I'm still not totally done with it, and since it will remain a guest room after they leave, I will definitely tweak it over time.

I totally forgot to take pictures of the room before they arrived, so these were taken very quickly(like in a minute's time) right before they brought their suitcases in the room.

The view from the door of the room...

I would love to find a an old queen size spindle bed for in here.  And I need the right quilt for the wall, this one doesn't quite work, but it's what I had....(looking for robbin's egg blue)

I got this mirror for $5 at a local shop, I love the blue color on it(I had some paint made up from color matching it at HD, I want to paint more!).  The mercury glass lamp is from The Christmas Tree Shop.

Used that color match paint here on the frame :)  And put together a little cart of toiletries and snacks for them.  The metal bar cart was from the Goodwill distribution center and I paid a whopping 99 cents for it...

One more view... again, not the best pictures, but I was in a hurry....

The whole lot of us... Saturday, they day they arrived, steaks on the grill....

And then for Mother's day we went out to eat... two days in a row I had all my kids together for dinner!!!

I had yummy lobster mac and cheese, not on the diet plan but well worth it....(and I won't tell you about the fudge brownie sundae)

My sweet little man.....Mason :)....

And Jenny.... she is getting big, up to 7.6lbs at the vet on Friday.

Have a wonderful day,



  1. Your bedroom loos so warm cozy and inviting! I really love that mirror and dresser. Janice

  2. A wonderful time indeed! So so great having your crew together!
    I love your room redo. I am in total awe. First in your goodness to provide such a fantastic room, second in your speed and efforts in its redo, and third in your gorgeous taste of decorating. You are incredible.

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