Friday, March 6, 2015

Baby Update...

I'm not doing a separate baby blog this time, I'm struggling just to post on this one!  So I'll put little updates on here.  I had my Dr. appt. yesterday and all went well. BP and everything is fine. Baby's heart rate was in the 160's and was squirming when the Dr was trying to get it.  My Dr. says I'm "boring", which is a good thing, because that means I'm healthy and don't have any problems that he is concerned about.  I guess I become more of a risk(because of my advanced age) when I hit 28 weeks... not really sure why, but I guess older moms are more prone to complications after this point.

Baby:  Has been wiggling around a lot, not constantly but enough for me to feel it several times throughout the day.  Growing, growing, growing!!

Me:  Still occasionally feel sick, but not as bad as it was.  Struggling with back pain at the moment, hoping prenatal yoga will help it. Gained too much weight, but still working out at the gym with James, so trying to keep it in check.

I've only done two belly shots this pregnancy so far, one from 11 weeks and one yesterday before my Dr appt.  ....

I'm carrying pretty high this time(at least for me), maybe it is because I had gotten my stomach muscles in shape before this pregnancy :)

We go back on March 24th for the anatomy scan.  I'll be 19+ weeks and we will hopefully find out if it is a boy or girl.  Any guesses from you guys?

That's it for now, have a wonderful weekend!



  1. I'll go with the angel's voice!
    Good luck, can't wait to know for sure! :D

  2. Hmmmmm.... 160 heartbeat. Can't really remember, but I'm thinking that's kinda borderline as to a girl/boy.... I will guess boy!! Glad everything is okay and that you're a 'boring' patient! I have 2 pregnant daughters, one with twin boys, the other with a little girl. Exciting times for us all!

  3. I think you look AMAZING for Baby #8 Tiff! Carrying high with a 160 HR..I'm picking she's a girl..but we'll see. Take care xo

  4. I say a girl!! I carried both my girls high! But I know you are happy either way as long as the special lil gift is healthy!! You look marvelous darling!!! XOXO Love Fran.

  5. Hi Tiff. Congratulations. Such amazing news and I am so thrilled for you. I think girl. Can't wait to know. You look fantastic by the way. xxx Lots of love Catherine xxxx

  6. You look wonderful and happy, and I say girl too! :)

  7. You look GReat!!! Hmmm... I say BOy. I carried high for our second and we had a boy.

    Best of luck, Janie

  8. You look WONDERFUL!! I'm gonna guess for a girl!
    March 24 is my birthday. :)
    Blessings and prayers to you!


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