Friday, March 20, 2015

Blog Sale!!!


Welcome to my blog sale! 

All items are in used condition, as I have decorated with them over the years.  If you have any questions about an item, email me and I will try to answer it promptly.  I'm going to sell the items on a first email basis, so if you want something, email( the item number and your zip and I will figure out what the approx. shipping will be, and I'm happy to combine things.
I know I probably have more things in the basement, but I'm going to have a big yard sale in the Spring, so if you are local, keep an eye out for an annoucement.

Also, if anyone local collects Pfaltzgraff Folk Art dishes, I have a massive collection that I am looking to sell, but would prefer not to ship them(too much work and worry). If you are intersted, email me and I will let you know what I have.

So let's get started.....

 1.)  SOLD

2.) Sold

3.) Old(don't know how old) tattered(meaning there are rips and holes) quilt. It's quite heavy and has been washed.  $30 + ship

4.) SOLD

5.) 100% cotton woven square table cloth , approx. 60" by 60"   $10 + ship

6.) Sold



 9.) Abe and George Bobbin heads made by Debbie Garlem of Bittersweet Pastimes in 2004. Abe is about 13.5" tall and George is about 13" tall.  $25 for pair +ship

 10.)  SOLD

11.) SOLD

 12.) SOLD

14.) Wood sign, approx. 24" by 5.5". $10+ship

 15.) Sold

16.) Prim doll, approx. 27" tall. I couldn't find a maker on her, so I don't know if I made her or if I bought her on Ebay.  $ 15 + ship

 17.) Prim doll called "Old Glory", signed #1 date 2006 by Debra Shepard of Olde Saltbox Primitives. She is a local artist, bought the doll at the Mustard House. She is about 25" tall.  $55 + ship

18.)Gingerbread Girl by Joanne Brook of Colonial Homestead Ltd., approx. 40" tall, has some slight fading on dress and pantaloons.  $45 + ship

 19.) Prim girl with gingerbread. I couldn't find a maker on her, guessing she is from around 2004. She has cinnamon stick arms and legs, and clove hair, and is approx. 25" tall.  $15 +ship

 20.) Vintage baby photo from Dover, NH, in a trifold cover that is about 7" tall.  $5 +ship

 21.) Sold

22.) Set of 3 tin stars, 15", 12", and 8.5".  $10 for set +ship                                                                                        

23.) Large prim American doll by Pat Kelly in 2004(I'm pretty sure she was "the Rugg Lady" on ebay, but I can't find her anymore). Approx. 38" tall $ 55 +ship

 24.) George Washington by Debbie Garlem of Bittersweet Pastimes, 2004.  Approx. 41" tall. $65+ship

 25.) Sold


 27.) Metal beige candle stick electric lamp with punched tin shade. Approx. 17.5" tall.  Holds normal size light bulb.  $25 + ship

 28.) Sold

Thank you for looking!!!  And if you are looking for something inparticular, just ask me, I may have it :)

Have a lovely weekend,



  1. Hi Tiff,

    sent an email to purchase a few things. Hope you do well with the sale. Lots of lovelies!!


  2. Tiff, your pic is not close enough for me to tell, but I suspect your pink quilt is late 1800s/early 1900s double pinks. If so, It might fetch more than $40, it might not, but I cant really judge from that photo. This is totally just an FYI... as always feel free to email me.


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