Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Prim Blog Sale Coming Friday!!!!

Hi everyone!  Spring is coming, at least I hope it is ;)  and it's time to clear some things out. With the new baby coming(and having gotten rid of all my baby gear) and lightening up the house, I decided it was time to let some things go. So I'm having a Prim Blog Sale here, starting at 9am on Friday the 20th.  There will be prim dolls, Americana, and more.  I would greatly appreciate you spreading the word for me, just use the pic above and link to my blog. Thank you!!! 



  1. I am way behind on my blog reading so I have to say a late Congratulations! You are a beautiful pregnant momma :) I loved all the work you did at the school for Dr. Seuss's birthday. I bet the kids LOVED all the decorations. I also love the changes you have been making around your house.
    Take care,

  2. I forgot to mention that I shared your sale on Facebook.

  3. Oh, I can;t wait for the sale. Thanks for doing it on your blog as I do not have a face book acct.

    Take care, Janie

  4. I shared on FB. I only have 30 followers there, but I shared anyway. lol. :)
    Blessings, Jessica


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