Wednesday, August 25, 2010


School started this week, my 2nd and 4th graders started on Monday and my 7th, 10th, and 12th graders started on Tuesday. I had really thought I would homeschool this year, but I chickened out in the end. We will see how this year goes and go from there.

We squeezed in a quick trip to LL Bean to get new back packs this weekend and then ran around getting other errands done, all the while still working on my youngest daughter's room that got flooded by the washing machine. We painted the room, then tore up the carpet. Hubby and my 16 yr old son put down the new floor on Saturday. They were frustrated, tired, and complained a bit, but they did a good job and got it done. (THANK YOU Dear!!) Hubby then put in the trim work on Sunday. Now we just need to do some caulking and touch up paint and it will be done. Of course, we still need to finish painting her bed and cupboard white, but that will wait until this weekend.

Here is a look at her new wild floor. Ya, not so prim, huh? That's ok, it's her room and she has to like it for the 5 years or so. Plus, it's just a floating laminate, so it will be easy to replace when the time comes.

It will be a bit before I can show the complete "after" shots of the room, as there is still so much to do. And I am still working on and maintaining other parts of the house, and the little prince(aka Mason) has major mommyitis still :) And don't get me started on the outside of the house, I have so much yard work to do, but I'm waiting for the cool weather before I tackle that. Ok, enough whining.

Have a terrific day,



  1. Where did you find such awesome laminate? I have no place to use it, but I WANT IT.

  2. Sarah,

    The floor is called "fun floorz" and actually comes in lime green, orange, and black too! You can mix and match it all. I found it at a local discount store called Marden's. We were going to do hard wood floors, but when my daughter saw this, she fell in love. And I fell in love with the price, .49 a square foot as opposed to $3.99 a square foot for hard wood. The whole floor(including the pad beneath) cost $167. I think it would be great in a play house and that may be where are extra amount winds up(of course I need to get a playhouse first, lol!) Two bad you don't live closer, you could have two free boxes.

  3. Oh my! I'm horrible with grammar today, that is supposed to be "our" and "Too" in that comment.

  4. I think the new flooring is just perfect for a young girl. I might have to check this stuff out myself. Hope your kids have a wonderful year back at school.

  5. WOW! Now what young girl wouldn't love that floor? I bet her room will be spectacular! I can't wait to see it all finished.
    Sounds like you are very busy. Sometimes that's a good thing, right? LOL!
    Enjoy your week!

  6. love the new floor..didn't know they came in those wild colors..can't wait to see the new room...and yeah its that time of year to be thinking of putting it to bed.we just cleaned our we are ready to burn..and last night felt like it.:)

  7. I've never seen such pretty floors, what a neat idea and at that price, it's wonderful! I love it!

  8. I love the floor. Did you find it at Mardens? I can't wait to see the room when finished.

  9. That is awesome flooring!! how fun

  10. Tiff, first I am impressed that you allowed your daughter to choose her flooring. I too allowed my sons to pick the theme for their room, after all it was their room. Now I see MARDENS once again mentioned in your post. I have to ask is it really worth a visit? I went once to the store in Westbrook and turned around and walked right back out. Like you and due to the hot humid weather my chore list is compiling daily!

  11. That is an awesome price, Tiff.

    Googling doesnt bring up that flooring anywhere but Mardens. Sniff.

    (It is going to comment on my other google account, but it's still the same Sarah. LOL)

  12. I'm trying to find that flooring also. They did have it at Mardens a couple years ago and we almost bought it, but then discovered a beautiful hardwood floor under the old linoleum. Now they have some more, though only in the orange stripe. I plan to use it in a huge attic room that wouldn't get a lot of wear and tear. I'm wondering how it has worked out for you now that you've had it a couple years. Just wish I could find it somewhere else so I'd have more options.


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