Thursday, August 19, 2010

Red Door, New Light, Fabric, and Veggies...

Ya, don't faint, another post from me so soon :)

I thought I had shared my front door with you, but I can't find the pics on my computer, so maybe me remembering taking the pics is all just in my head and it never really happened,LOL. Anyway, I ran outside and took these ones real quick. Sometime, back in June(maybe it was May, I can't really remember) I decided to paint the front door red. It was in desperate need of a paint job, as the stain on the door was actually flaking away. So I figured, why not red. So far so good and I really like it.

Sorry that I don't have before pics of this light, but I picked it up at a yard sale by my mom's house in Ohio. It was just a new brassy gold chandelier and the price was right, $5. A quick coat of black spray paint and I have a new light in my front foyer. You can see the old light in a pic in the post below. Now I just need one more light fixture for the upstairs hallway.

And here is the second "score" of fabric from Mardens. I just love that store now.
The chicky print is going to be matched with the butter gingham above to make a reversible apron(once I find a pattern I like).
And last but not least is this mornings pickings from my little front door garden. I still can't believe how much my small garden has given us this year. I have even had enough to share with a friend. I thought the zucchini and squash were done, but they surprised me with some more. We have had so much this summer, that when my 9yr old son saw this he proclaimed "Not more zucchini?!?!) And the green beans, they just keep on coming. I still have another row to pick, but I got tired of doing it this morning. The tomatoes are also abundant, I think I need to make some sauce from then.

All I have to say is, ANYONE can grow food if they have some dirt and seeds. I'm not a gardener or farmer, in fact I grew up on Mcdonalds and ham and cheese sandwhiches. But nature tends to itself and definitely provides if you give it a place to grow. And I love how I know that there is absolutely NOTHING on my veggies, just water and sunshine, I don't even use miracle grow. Ok, I lied, I did used crushed egg shells that I saved all winter. I put them in the soil. Not only did it add nutrients to the soil, but an added benefit was that it kept the slugs and snails away.
I'm off to do laundry. And I really need to clean my sewing room so I can make my curtains for my family room. But I really have a hankering to paint the kitchen cupboards :)

Have a splendid day,



  1. The red door really gives a "pop" to your lovely home. So when ya finish up all those projects at your house and you need something to keep ya busy, come on over to my house, I have a list a mile long.

  2. I thought we were getting alot of produce every day, but nothing like yours! I love having a little garden though. I planted too many tomato plants and not enough other things :-)
    Your front door looks great. My good friend has a red front door, and I love hers too :-)

  3. love the red door...we didn't get much of anything in the garden this year..potatoes and a few beans..the tomatoes are still trying..did get strawberries though..;) maybe next year we will get more sun.;)

  4. Man, your teasing me with the fabric, love it! And I love the red door, what color red is it? I've been thinking about painting ours red too.

  5. Just to let you know, Mardens is also good for ooops paint, at only $2.00 and a good selection. Are you going to the Buxton Church sale tomorrow? It opens at 9:00 and I am sure that it is 9:00 on the dot.

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  7. The red door is great!
    I was going to make a raised bed garden this past spring, but when I found out I would be needing surgery and would need 6-8 weeks to recoup, I decided to wait until next year. We did use some old galvanized tubs and planted it is fun to have something growing. Next year I may get back into canning and freezing is just one of those things you need to make yourself do, because it really isn't all that much fun. :)


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