Wednesday, August 18, 2010

House Pics...

I was finally able to get blogger(or maybe it's my computer) to load pictures without taking hours, yay! I thought I would share some house pics from Memorial Day, yes, back in May, but I'm redoing things, so I thought you might like to see some "before" pics before I show how things look now(or will soon look).

These first few are my kitchen....

Small area in the family room...(the new color scheme drops all the red and totally changes the look, I can't wait to share it with you all).... Oh, and there is that hooked rug that I picked up from goodwill that I washed and washed and washed, it came out so well.
Front foyer...

Back deck, we had a barbeque...
Front porch with some of the kiddos...
I hope to get the house done soon(well, done for my mood now, because it will never actually be done,kwim?). At the moment, we are painting my youngest daughter's room, ripping out the carpet and redoing the floors. Not because she wanted it(though she does) but because the washer in the 2nd floor laundry room flooded and we HAD too. UGH! it happened right after our trip. Luckily our insurance is good, and they got a company in right away to dry out the upstairs and my craft room ceiling. We had two industrial dehumidifiers and huge fans in the house, with the areas blocked off and running for 2 days straight. Talk about noise!! Plus it heated the areas up to 120 degrees. But it did the job and hopefully no mold will come from it.

Well, I'm off to bed. I haven't had a good night's sleep in a week. I dream constantly and my mind never gets a chance to rest. You would think that dreaming means I'm sleeping well, but it's just the opposite. I feel so tired during the day because my nights are filled with vivid dreams that last all night. Anyone have a cure for this?




  1. I hear you with the dreaming! I have that crazy issue too...

    So sorry about the flooding.

    YOUR HOUSE IS A DREAM HOME! I LOVE every little cozy corner.

  2. Tiff, your home is gorgeous! I didn't know you collected Pfaltzgraff Folk Art dinnerware! Me too! But you have more than I do, and some really nice pieces. Love the big turkey platter!
    I really enjoyyed seeing your pics and look forward to seeing your "after" shots.
    Have a happy day!

  3. Just beautiful Tiff, you have such a wonderful decorating sense, so warm and inviting. (Your kiddo's are pretty dang cute too!) Looking forward to more eye candy.

  4. love your home..and love that old screen door...I am posting on my blog as we speak.;)

  5. Your home has always been one of my favourites! The kitchen is amazing!! You have so many great things, so cozy.


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