Thursday, August 12, 2010

My New Fabric Store/Score...

I think I should just really close shop for the Summer, because I am such a bad blogger while the kids are out of school. I need those cozy days of Fall and Winter to sit down with the computer and blog. I do apologize for my lack of posting, I'm even wicked behind in my family blogs.

I have a ton of pics to share of our trip and my mom's house but blogger is taking a very long time to load pics, so this is just a quick post to make any locals (or anyone headed up to Maine) aware of an AWESOME fabric source.

First I must say that I love junk/thrift stores, but I absolutely hate junky/nasty stores. You know the kind, those stores that are full of "new" stuff that is at closeout prices. There is a local Maine chain called Marden's that is one of those stores. I walked in one store and walked right out, it just wasn't my kind of place(I would rather buy old antique junk :P ). BUT, a new one opened up(in Scarborough) and I had heard about their fabric department. Not expecting much, my youngest daughter, Mason, and I decided to check it out yesterday. And let me tell you, I was blown away!!! I felt like a kid in a candy store. They had way more quilting fabrics and cottons than Joanns and everything was $2.99 or $1.99 a yard. It was all neat and organized by color and all up to date prints. They had reproduction civil war prints from Sturbridge village collection and Heritage Museum collection, along with Aunt Grace's 30's repro prints, plus everything in between. Plus they had hundreds of rolls of decorater fabrics for $1.99 to $3.99(I'm talking Waverly prints that go for $40 a yard!). I talked to the woman who cut my goods and she said they get new stuff in all the time and carry all the latest designers. I don't know how they can sell it so cheap. The stuff I got goes for 9.99 to 12.99 a yard online and I got it for $2.99, plus if you by 10 yards or more or take what left of the bolt you get an extra 10% off.

So here is what I found(I had to contain myself to a limit this trip).....

Are these not simply adorable?!?! I got three sets of these days of the week towel panels. I could stitch over them, but they look so good already I really wouldn't have to. Plus, they came with 4 potholder prints. They were $2.99 a panel, so for a complete set it cost me $6!! I found them online for $12.99 a panel. They are by Mamma's Apron Strings.

And here is my load of other fabrics, love the reproductions prints(they will become log cabin pillows and a quilt). The large yardage of blue in the middle is going to become a reproduction dress. The black and tan plaid is going to be fishtail swag curtains for my family room. And the scrumptious(in feel and look) spicey pumpkin yardage is going to be along Fall skirt for me and a table cloth(maybe two, one for my mom).
And I got these 3 prints for a baby quilt for a friend's daughter.
All the above were $2.99 a yard!!!! I really shouldn't share such an fantastic fabric source, but I couldn't keep it a secret from you all, it's just too good!!

Oh, and wait till you see new pics of my family room(new braided rugs for a steal by my mom's, new curtains that are being made, and new paint on the shutters). I'm really loving the color pallet.

Until next time,



  1. Love all the Fabric!! Thanks for sharing. i am always looking for new fabric sources and the price is sooo right.

    I can't wait to see the pictures of the family room.


  2. I've had that purple print in the last photo (kind of looks like it has cherries in it). I loved it! Great finds!

  3. Looks like you found a gold mine. Great price on the fabrics. Glad to see you posting again.

  4. I already did a fabric overload there a few weeks ago. I love the vintage line. But I didn't see the towels. Love them.

  5. I love, love, love your finds. That is some dirt cheap fabric...I almost can't believe it. I've heard of a lot of folks fabric shopping down in the States because the prices are cheaper...and I think next time we are in the U.S. I'm going to have to search for some of these shops. Hooray for you! :)

  6. Cool find - we do not have anything like that - enjoy your shopping sprees!

  7. Oh Tiff, don't worry about not blogging. You're a busy momma. Just check in when you can. I must say I'm a wee bit jealous of that store though. I'd love to find some panels like that. They look like they've already been stitched. Such incredible deals on the fabric too. How wonderful!
    I'm glad your enjoying your summer.

  8. WOW, your such a tease! Don't worry about blogging, we don't mind waiting, and we understand! It's always a treat to see you post! Love the fabric!

  9. holy cow did you get alot of wonderful you know if they have a website? I would love to get some of that fabric...none of our stores here have those prices..wish they did..;) love all of it and can't wait to see the finished projects too..;) have a marvelous weekend;)

  10. I just found out yesterday from Birgit about the fabric in Scarboro. We are heading down soon. Can`t wait now that I`ve read your blog about it. Love your blogging! Will be back.


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