Friday, July 20, 2012

Around the House...

I thought I would share some pics of around my home with you.  I took these about a month ago, so things have changed a little because nothing stays the same in my house for long!

Here is the family room.  The huge leather sectional got moved to the game room(aka the boy room).
 This little corner of my family room, next to the fireplace is my sewing nook.
 I wanted a "real" entertainment center, but I didn't want to pay the real price for one.  So I improvised and only spent $22 for the piece of wood across the top.  Just used my buffet and two bookcases I already had.  It fills up this long wall nicely.
 I bought this table back in December at my friends' shop, but I didn't get it until May(it was a display piece). I thought I would use it as a sewing table but it was a few inches too short, so I decided it would look neat as a tall coffee table.  And my large crocks fit nicely under it.
 I redid the side desk area in my kitchen into a more practical and functional command center.
 Mudroom entryway. I keep the tiny brown twinkle lights up all year.
 Hutch in my kitchen. My oldest daughter made the cow picture for me for Mother's day.
 Wood kitchen tools in wood box in the kitchen.  My newest obsession seems to be wooden boxes and crates.
 Another view of the mudroom with the half bath on the right.
 Front porch of the mudroom.

 We sold our old patio set at the yardsale and really needed something big enough to seat us all on the deck.  Didn't like the price and quality of the stuff in stores, so I found a local guy who makes outdoor furniture. He built me this incredibly sturdy table and benches(8'long) for a great price. And they came stained white so there was no work for me!!

We are currently redoing our camper and I can't wait to show you the before and after pics of that.  Our goal is to have it done before Labor Day because I already booked a park in Bar Harbor for the long weekend!!!

Have a lovely day,



  1. Love the 8 foot could even use it inside. ;)
    You might want to check out my blog post about the $5 wooden boats....I bet Mason would LOVE them. :)

  2. Love your looks so cozy. That entertainment center is 10x better than anything you could find in a store.

    Happy to see you posting again.

  3. Hey Tiff! Your homestead is looking great!

    Can't wait to see your camper! We just bought one and I am looking for ideas!!!

    Carmen and the Primcats

  4. Love your homely home Tiff,and as I keep saying,it's great to see you back.
    Laura xx


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