Thursday, July 19, 2012


Just because I'm slacking on my blog does not mean that I'm not doing anything:)

About a month ago I made this slipcover for "my" chair and ottoman.  It's done in brown ticking and target curtains.

Here's the after...

And here is the Before.  My mom gave me this set. It's a tapestry floral and just not my style, but the chair is really comfy.
Another view...
 Yes, the curtains match in the background :)
 Long view of the family room in its current state.
 I am really happy with how the skirted edge came out. Overall, it was pretty easy and it's holding up quite well.

Have a fabulous day,



  1. Looks great Tiff,and it's lovely to see you back on blog
    Hope it's not just a flying visit,I miss your daily dose.Hope all is well now.
    Laura xx

  2. Great upgrade!! Good to see you post!!

  3. Are you able to come to my house now and redo my slipcovers Tiff. Pretty Please?? If I add Strawberries and Sugar on top? Love yours!!! Take care, Janice


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