Sunday, July 22, 2012

Summer Mantle...

If there is one thing I struggle with, it's my fireplace mantle.  I never seem to get it "just right".  

As you can see, I repainted the woodwork back to white after having it be Olde Village Pearwood for 5 years.  I also added an extra plank of wood to the top so that it gave me an extra inch of width to work with.
After trying several different things, I settled on this look for summer. It's a mix of things from around the room with a splash of color with the candle bird and eggs in the next.  I'm still not crazy about the sign above the mirror as it just looks awkward because it is the same width as the mirror, but I'm too lazy at the moment to figure something else out;)

I do have an idea to layer the mirror but I just haven't gotten around to it yet. Maybe later in the week I'll get to it and share :)

Have a nice afternoon,



  1. I think it looks perfect. I totally get the mantle thing though. We had one in our old house and I constantly changed it.

    Love all your old spools and bobbins.

  2. I love your cherished old goodies. Since you are not happy with your sign above the mirror did you give it a try hanging under the mantle shelf? Or sitting on the mantle amongst the other items? Looks nice the way it is, but there's a suggestion for you to try...I am loving your nice blog. Very touching in many ways!

  3. It looks nice. I like the bobbins.

  4. I love it but do get what you mean by the sign, maybe if you lay on the mantle behind some of those goodies? Thanks for the congrats on my photos winning, I display the ribbons right on the frames and the ones that win hang in my library all on one wall above the settee! Thanks again!

  5. Your mantle looks great..
    Have a wonderful week..

  6. I love your decorating Tiff ~ you always have the right touch : )
    Hugsssss ~


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