Friday, July 27, 2012

Look what I found!!!...

If you have been reading my blog for any length of time you know that sometimes "Goodwill calls me".  No, I'm not crazy and I can go many months without stepping a foot into that store, but then there are times when I just get this overwhelming feeling that I NEED to go there! Yes, this morning was one of those times.  However, I couldn't go because my oldest daughter was sleeping over at a friend's house and she had my debit card!!!  I had to wait until 1pm to get myself up there.  

But look what was waiting for me.....
 I snatched it up so fast that there were smoke lines on the carpet :)
 Have you ever seen a high chair like this?
 I have always had a thing for vintage and old high chairs and at one time I collected them(ok, I still have 3 or 4 but Mason actually uses them).
 You never see stuff like this at Goodwill because technically they aren't allowed to sell baby products, that is why they had a large bright pink sign on it that said "for Decorative use only".
 But seriously, this thing is super solid and super heavy.
 I couldn't find any markings on it and I can't tell if it is homemade or manufactured.   What are your thoughts? And how old do you think it is?  You are probably wondering what I paid for it, right? Well, it was over my normal GW limit, but I had to have it and it was $22.50 with my discount.
 Then I also have this thing for little kids chairs and I scooped this one up right away. $2.70, Score!
 And was happy to see this on the bottom. I love finding things from this local company.
 And last I found these two dolls in a bag.  A bit creepy but I liked their age. The one on the left seems to have all clothes including her nappy under her bloomers!
 I think they are Tiny Tear dolls from the mid 50's.  What do you think?  They were $9 for the pair. Good price or not?  How do you clean old dolls?
Oh and my day was even better when I found the one and only bolt of camping print flannel fabric at Joann's this afternoon.  I saw the print on someone's blog but didn't sell it and I couldn't find it anywhere else online. The woman said she got it on Saturday at Joanns so I was pretty sure mine would still have it, but you just never know.  I'm going to make a kid's quilt for the camper out of it.

Have a fantastic weekend,



  1. Love the chairs Tiff,and please take the poor dolls out of the bag,lol.
    They do look old,but we didn't get Tiny Tears in England untill the early 60s ,you had had them for years by then.good look with your reserch.
    (wish we had a thrift shop,over here they call them antiques and charge a fortune.)
    Love Laura xx

  2. I think someone probably made the highchair. It is really find.

  3. What great finds today! Not sure that I can help you with any questions, good luck. Blessings~Sara

  4. Now THAT is te coolest high chair I've ever seen!
    Awesome "find" Tiff!!

  5. They are all neat! I have a book on Mattel dolls, I can look in there and compare to see. I will have to do it on Sunday night or Monday though. I have to work and I will have other things happening, but I can see. I don't know about the chair, but it looks old, like 40-50 maybe. It is neat! I DO understand you though about the "feeling" because that is what happens to me as well! LOL!
    Have a good weekend.

  6. What a great score!!!!! LOVE the chairs!!! The dolls kind of creep me out....maybe they just need to get out of their body bag and wrap up in a quilt. :)

  7. That is a really cool chair!! You always find the best things at the Goodwill!!

  8. BRAVO to you..
    What wonderful items you found..

  9. Great finds Tiff !! The highchair looks like it's homemade to me ~ maybe Amish ?? I wish our Goodwill store had goodies like that !! The dolls are cute too ! My find for this week was a wing back chair in excellent condition for only $40 ! I love your blog & look forward to your posts !
    Hugssssss ~

  10. Great find! Gotta love GW!

    Carmen and the Primcats


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