Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Mr. Rogers and a Peek...

 I found this vintage chalkboard at a yardsale a couple months ago for $1. The other side is green with Raggedy Ann at the top. I gave the backside(which was already black chalkboard) a refresher coat of chalkboard paint. I wasn't sure what I was going to do with it, but knew at the very least, the kids would like to play with.  Well, after seeing a Mr. Roger's remake video on pinterest(it's pinned on my "songs" board if you want to check it out, which I highly recommend), I fell in love with this saying..."you can grow ideas in the garden of your mind".  I put it on the chalkboard and propped it up in a corner of my kitchen.  Of course after pinning some chalk lettering tutorials, I plan on redoing it with awesome lettering, but for now, it works :)
 And here is a peek at my summer quilt project....
 I'm working on the lettering today, hopefully I will get that part done by this evening.(UPDATE.. it's 3:30 and I'm done with the lettering, YAY!!, went much quicker than I thought it would)

Have a lovely Tuesday,



  1. Looks like pretty nice lettering as it is! Very cute...both the chalkboard and the quilt!

  2. What a great chalkboard! Love the quilt, too :)

  3. Love the chalk board,and the flowery quilt is gorgeous.
    Laura xx

  4. Pinterest to the rescue again!!! Love it!!

  5. Your quilt is beautiful Tiff & I just love the message you put on your chalkboard ~ You are such a great mother & I know you're so inspiring to your children ! ♥


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