Monday, August 13, 2012

Outside my Kitchen windows(and other stuff)...

Documenting the changes that occur weekly outside my kitchen windows. Ok, so I know that this is just meant to be a one or two picture thing, but you know me, I can't help myself... I like pictures!

One of my many Christmas cacti resides in the window over my sink, not the best place for the poor thing because compared to his fellow housemates, he has barely grown in the past 6 years.  Those trees you see in the background never cease to amaze me. How much they have grown since we moved in 6 years ago. They barely seemed to reach the top of the deck back then and now look at them! And you have to realize that my deck is actually a full floor up because we have a walk out basement.

 Goldenrod is in bloom everywhere that there is open space. No wonder my eyes are itchy ;)
 And if you look between the railings you will see freshly mowed grass.  It was long over do because for the past week and a half my household has been under attack from hand,foot, and mouth disease!! So my son, who is the resident mower(he loves it and babies "his" mower) was unable to tend it and didn't want anyone else to do it.  And in case you are wondering, my 18 year old brought the virus home from the gym he works at and gave it to the other 6 kids!! It was miserable for them, the fever and the sores. Hubby and I managed to escape it, I guess we already had the immunity.  But thankfully, everyone was on the mend by last Thursday and that nasty thing is behind us. Too bad the kids had to miss horse camp though :(
 Last pic... I thought it would be neat to see if there is a difference in the clouds with the changing seasons. So here are some mid August summer clouds.

I hope everyone has a lovely week. I'm currently working on a quilting project which I need to finish before the start of school(August 29th), so I had better stop typing and get back to work.



  1. Great pictures Tiff.Glad the family are all better,it's nasty ,hand foot and mouth.
    Laura xx

  2. Lovely pictures Tiff ~ And I'm so sorry to hear that your kids have been sick, glad they are all well now though : )
    I hope you all have a wonderful week !!


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