Thursday, August 2, 2012

Little Pictures

So as with most things around here, there are always little set backs. Unfortunately, I ran into a rather big one yesterday with the camper. Water damage. From the evidence, I suspect it is a leak in the roof. In the back rear corner where the bunks are located and we hadn't planned on doing anything with that area other than new mattresses and quilts.  I'm waiting for a call back from the insurance to see when they can get out here to check it out and see if it is covered. Always something!

Here is a little decor project I finished this week for the camper.  I have a growing collection of oval frames(I love them), and I took the 6 lightest weight ones and spray painted them blue.  I then took a vintage book, "Little Campers" and framed pages from it.  I didn't use the glass of the frames because I didn't want the weight or the breakability  in the camper.  I think they came out pretty cute.
 This is the book cover, the white by the words is just glare from the camera.
 This circle frame was really just a wood plaque with something painted on it, so I just mod podged the book page on top after I painted it.
 I love this page, it's the last page of the book. The clothes line is just too cute and I love how Billy says "Goll-lee!".
 More pages. Had to include the one with squirrels!
 This is the beginning of the book, car all packed and ready to go camping. See the cows in the background? another favorite animal of mine:)

I also completed all the curtains for the camper, but can't show you those properly until they are installed, which who knows when that will happen with the present issues going on!

Have a fun day,



  1. What a cute idea and yes, it's always something and never dull! lol

  2. Okay...those look awesome. Love the colour of the frames.

  3. Good Idea, love the camping pictures!

  4. Your pictures are so cute! I hope you can get your leak repaired and that there isn't any damage. Water leaks in campers are no fun! We had one and didn't realize it and the particalboard type wood they use in campers got all moldy. We had a trade in the camper...

  5. I love your picture great idea.They are so pretty love the colors.Judy

  6. Very cute! I totally spaced looking up those dolls! I found my book though, so I will look here and get back with you! I am sorry.
    Guess it's old age! LOL!


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