Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Around the House...

I'm still waiting on something to come from Amazon before I can complete the camper, so the reveal will have to wait until tomorrow.

Right now I am cleaning, doing laundry, preparing meal plans, organizing, trying to make some zucchini relish, and packing clothes for an upcoming trip in the camper.

I've picked 3 jack be little pumpkins from my garden so far this year, and it looks like there is at least another 5 still growing.
 Packing some crafts for the trip. Planning ahead and making Christmas presents whenever I can get a chance.

Until tomorrow, have a lovely day,



  1. Very busy girl ,hope you have a lovely trip.
    Laura x

  2. Love the little pumpkins on the old bobbins!
    Happy camping :)

  3. Love the little jacks. Have fun with the camper...I'm not much for camping unless it's in an RV..need all the modern conveniences type a gal, I am.


  4. Cannot wait for the reveal. What cute lil jacks! Take care, Janice


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