Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Family Room Wall...

I decided the bee pictures I painted were a bit small for the family room wall and wanted something more in this area.  I have been collecting oval frames for awhile now, when ever I see them cheap at thrift stores or yard sales I grab them.  I spray painted them all black to look cohesive and then I added the kids' silhouettes I made last year and put them all up on the wall. I went out to the camper and I was going to take the five that I put on the wall out there back, but I couldn't get them off the wall! So in the camper they will stay :)

So here is the wall now. Sorry for the bad pics, my camera died awhile ago and I have been using my son's, but it doesn't take the best inside pictures, especially at night.
 I will slowly fill in all the frames with pictures of the kids.
 I know these pictures look bad, it does look much better in real life.

Today is hubby's birthday, not sure if he wants to be reminded of it or not. But I will say Happy Birthday and I love you. Making your favorite dinner and a layered cake for dessert!!



  1. Hi Tiff,
    What a wonderful collection.
    Looks great and I love the idea of filling them with family photos.
    Happy Birthday to your Hubby.
    Hope you both have a fabulous day.


  2. Tiff, that's a great collection and love them all painted black.

  3. That is a wonderful collection of frames!It will look wonderful filled with the family photos. Happy birthday to your hubby.Hugs,Jen

  4. Happy birthday hubby.
    The frames look great Tiff, will look lovely full of pics of the children.
    Who's the couple I spied in one of the frames.

  5. Oh I love love love it! The oval frames look fantastic!

  6. Love it. It will look awesome when they are all filled in.

  7. What a really neat idea. I love the shapes and the color. I think it will look awesome once the pictures are in them. Very creative!

  8. That's a whole lot of oval frames - and they look really good displayed all together like that! Good job Tiff!

  9. The frames look all the difference shapes. Happy Birthday to your husband!

  10. I think your wall looks very nice..Happy Birthday to your husband..Have a great week..

  11. Wow! Turned out great! I love lamplight in this room, AND those great curtains! Thanks for sharing! ~*~Lisa

  12. Good morning Tiff,
    What a unique idea for your wall and even better with the kids silhouettes in it.

    Happy Birthday to your husband too!



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