Monday, November 12, 2012

Forgotten Garage Treasures...

I thought I would share a few things that I had forgotten about in the garage.  I went out there today looking for something and found two bags of stuff tucked away on a shelf.  The first one was from the Salvation Army.  It had a bunch of stuff in it that I bought for some mini trees that I wanted to make(got the trees at the dollar store), and also some vintage kitchen items. Total price for it all $7.09.
The second bag was from Goodwill by the pound. I have only been there twice(it's kind of yucky and takes time to go through the stuff),  but you can find treasures.  I got a vintage tupperware mixing bowl(I actually have the cookie rolling sheet that matches it, my mom gave me years ago), a metal cheese grater, a bunch of pretty silverware that my daughter wants to make into jewelry,  11 old glass ornaments, a vintage wood ornament(for my tacky tree), two little sleds for the dollhouse,  a biscuit cutter, 4 tin cookie cutters, and a bunch of mini little tin mold things. Grand total...
are you ready for it?....  $1.64 !!!  Ya, good treasures at a great price, you just feel like you need a shower afterward. 

Baked cookies today for a school party tomorrow and made some big posters for it, I'll try to remember to take some pictures to share here.  Trying to decorate for Christmas but there always seems to be something else going on, just not enough time in the day. And I'm not sure how I'm decorating the main tree because of the new kitty... I don't want to lose all my glass ornaments!



  1. We have a few stores like that in our town too. They did just put a New Horizon's Thrift Store and it is so clean and organized. I would rather give them the business than the stinky ones. I love all your good finds... I love the cookie cutters!
    Thanks for sharing and have a good week!

  2. You would be taking a shower really can find some awesome goodies in the 'yuckiest' places. You did good!

  3. You did great on your finds...thanks for sharing!

  4. Hi Tiff,
    Awesome forgotten finds.
    Ive never been to a GW by the pound.
    I actually didnt know there were any.
    Sounds like a fabulous way to find bargins.
    Wish we had one. :)

  5. I was just at a Goodwill store today and found a few items..You've got a lot of nice things there..What a welcome suprise finding those in your garage..Happy decorating and have a wonderful week..

  6. How fun to find your forgotten treasures!Love the molds and cookie cutters.Hugs,Jen


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