Wednesday, November 7, 2012

November days....

Brrr!!!it's cold outside! I'm thankful for a nice warm house to spend the day in.  All my fall stuff is put away and I'm not putting out any turkeys this year, just jumping straight to Christmas. The only thing I have yet to get rid of are these little pumpkins on my kitchen hutch.  What to do with them? I grew them afterall, my first successful crop of jack be littles. I can't just toss them into the woods! But they aren't quite Christmas are they?  What do you do with yours?  I guess I will keep them through Thanksgiving(they can be the table display) and after that I will harvest the seeds. I sure wish there was a way to preserve them for next year, they are just so perfect :)
 Here is a daily seen in our home... Mason, Rosa(the baby doll), and Zoe all hanging out by the fireplace.  How that little boy loves his doll and his kitty :)(and I truly think Zoe loves him back).
Have a lovely day,



  1. Lovely picture of Mason.
    Don't you make pumpkin soup or pumpkin pie....I have tried both,but have to admit I Diddnt much care for them...xx

  2. Such a cute pic of Mason.... looks so warm and snuggly there by the fire with his favorite things!! It is snowing here... the nor'easter is making it's way up the coast. Hope it's not too bad....
    Your pumpkins are great.... Mine usually don't survive past Thanksgiving, so I just heave them.... don't know what else to do with them...but I've heard of people hollowing them out to use as small vases or soup bowls....

  3. Throw them in the compost so you'll get free pumpkins next year!! Mason is all grown up!!!

  4. I grow those little pumpkins too, I love seeing them grow. I try to give them away, to whoever comes in and at church and the girls at the bank and offices like them too. I have one that I grew a year ago and it is still in good shape. I don't like them to cook, they are too tiny but I was just thinking, how about a white spray paint and some glitter for Christmas. Change is good, I hear.

  5. Msson and Zoe are way too cute. I like the spray paint idea for the pumpkins. Maybe stack them into mini snowmen after spraying?

    Enjoy, Janie

  6. What an adorable pic of Mason and Zoe and baby Rosa. I put my pumpkins out for the deer and squirrels to eat. Take care, Janice

  7. Sweet pic of Mason and Zoe!Hugs,Jen

  8. Oh what a sweet picture !! I had 3 girls, but I think it's so cute that he carries around his doll !! And that little kitten is so sweet : ) I think your home is truly blessed ♥

  9. What a sweet sweet photo! It does look so cozy.


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