Saturday, November 17, 2012

Magazine Sale.....

I'm clearing some stuff out and trying to set up a new sewing area in the basement. The first round of things to go are some magazines.  If anyone local is interested in them, leave a comment. I'm selling them in bundles by type or name, need to get a little extra money for the graduation trip in December.

First group is all Country Home...9 magazines(good condition, except two that are more worn) $6
2nd batch, 9 Victoria, 1 Mary Janes Farm, and 1 Mother Earth News. $9
 3rd batch, 7 Cottage related magazines... $5
 4 batch, 13 magazines of flea market, decorating, and kitchen type ones. $5
 5th batch, 20 Family Fun magazines. $10
 6 batch , 27 Home Companion magazines, not all have the paper dolls in them. $15
 7th batch, 2 Halloween books and 5 Halloween magazines. $5
 8th batch, 3 Semi Homemade and 8 Better Homes and Garden Magazines. $5
 9th batch, 12 Christmas magazines. $5
 10th batch, 7 crafting magazines. $5



  1. Hi Tiff, Would you mail these? If so, I would be interested in the batch of Christmas for 5.00. I am not sure how much the mailing would be to Massachusetts 01834. Probably too much work and cost to mail.
    Thanks, Janie

  2. Hello,I love it when I run across a few older magazines, special ones like vintage or cottage style. You will surely find a happy home for them:)
    Happy Thanksgiving!
    Hey, I loved the baking hutch and center you put together (perfect)
    Blessings, Roxy
    I was wondering if you only follow craft and artist blogs? As I was wondering if I could ask you to think about adding my Blog to your list. I would appreciate it very much! Thanks...

  3. The money you make for your dec grad trip will be well worth it!!, We traveled from Vermont to our son's in September 2006 and it is days full of pride !!, We went for family day on Thursday and the graduation Friday morning. It was so windy a lot of the covers were blowing off, but those marines were so disciplined they kept on marching and did not pick them up or raise a hand to keep them on!

  4. Love you blog! Do you still have the batch of Home Companion mags still for sale?


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