Monday, January 7, 2013


Emotional, VERY, the only way to describe me.  If I talk about it out loud, I cry, so I'm busying myself by cleaning the house. 
My baby left again today, off to infantry training for a month. I'm glad we got an extra long leave with him, but it doesn't make saying goodbye to him today any easier.  We don't know if we will see him after this or if he will go straight to his school, so that makes it even harder... the not knowing of when the next time will be.
Mason is taking it hard.  When we would mention that Cameron would be leaving again, he would tell us "no he isn't, he's not going anywhere".  And this morning he didn't want to say goodbye. Cameron had to go pick him up and give him a hug, then  Mason ran off to the other room and was in denial(I think he still is).
I'm so proud of Cameron and I know we did a good job raising him, but boy o boy, this parenting thing stinks's so hard to let them go.
Keep him in your prayers for me, that he stays safe and is happy.

Thank you,


  1. You have a handsome, brave and caring son.... God bless him and all those servin....!
    Prayers for your whole family!

  2. I can't imagine! Bless you and your family to handle this well and prayer headed his way for staying safe! Thank him for his service for our country. I am amazed by these brave people who join the military and protect us. God Bless.

  3. Tiff, I wanted to comment on your post, I know first hand how hard it is and what you are going through, my son joined the Airforce 11 years ago, he was just 19 years old, he is our oldest and the first to have left the nest, bing a mommy's boy on top of that I thought I would die, when my sister and I went to see him graduate from basic training, I wanted to cry, he looked so young, so worn down but then also so proud... He is still in the service, going on 12 years this spring, he is stationed in Nebraska which is 15 hours away from us, I see him maybe 2 times a year, but talk weekly on the phone... he knows nothing else, I miss him dearly and he is still a mommy's boy. lol.. He will be 30 years old in a week.. I am surprising him with a trip to Nebraska next week for his birthday, he don't know I am coming and I am so excited.. I wish the best to you and your family and Thank you to your son for serving our country.... We are all proud of him and all of our service people... Hugs to you, it will get somewhat better as the time goes...
    ~Rhonda in Ohio~

  4. Oh Hugs Tiff. I'm sure it's hard!

    Carmen and the Primcats

  5. Hugs have a very handsome brave son.

  6. Please thank him for his service! My son is in the Army stationed in HI and there are rumors floating around that his unit may be deploying this summer, I totally understand your emotions as I have been through them as well (((hugs)))

  7. Tiff,
    I had to comment... Our Middle Son Cameron was home for Christmas too... He's been Deployed several times and will be again in August... Our youngest son Sean was just starting High School when he left for Boot Camp in 2001 and it was hard on him too! I Journaled Everyday as if I was talking to him... I still Journal...When emailing him we were always upbeat and positive even though our guts were falling out...I worry everyday but cannot watch the news... Just know that there are other Military Moms out there who are wrapping their arms around you and Mason right now... And we are so very proud of you his Mom and him for serving us and our Country and for chosing to keep us safe...and please feel free to contact me if you need anything...
    Granny Bee a.k.a. Beth Notaro

  8. So very thankful for those who serve to maintain our freedom. God Bless Everyone Of Them. My husband is a Marine Veteran. Praying for him & them all, and you and others who wait for them to come home.

  9. Ahhhh, he is so so sharp looking! You did do a good job and you are a fantastic mother - that is why it is so hard. When your throat wells up all big again and those tears leak out of the corners of your eyes, think to yourself "I am feeling like this because I am an amazing and loving mother." There are so many kids that don't have a good mother and that breaks my heart. Cameron is a lucky fella. I am sure your heart is full for little Mason as well. Let the tears flow and be grateful you are capable of so much love.

  10. By the way, if you lived closer, I would be over with a cherry pie and some chocolate later this afternoon! lol

  11. Hi Tiff-I've never visited your blog before and came across it while visiting Sweet Meadows Farm blog. The picture of your son in that wonderful Marine uniform caught my eye right away. My son is a Marine,too, so I know your agony and how hard it is to see them leave. We haven't seen our son since last May and have no idea when our next time together will be. I'll be praying for your son along with all our other brave Service men and woman.
    Blessings to you and your family. May God protect your son.
    Hugs, Jeri

  12. My dad was a Marine. I will definitely say a prayer for our service men and women make so many sacrifices so that we may enjoy our freedom. You should be very proud of Cameron! Take care, Janice

  13. From one military Mom to another, here's a big ((((hug)))) for you. It never gets any easier. Your Marine is a handsome young man! Thank you for your service, Cameron. You make us all proud!

  14. Tiff I can only imagine the pain you are feeling now.I will be saying prayers for all of you for comfort and safety.Cameron is a wonderful young man.Hugs,Jen

  15. May God bless you and your son while he is away from your arms.

    My son joined the Navy back in 1981~~right out of high school. He made it and so did I but it was sure good to see him when we could.. Being parents is rough but you can be so proud of your boy~~who is now a real man.

    Charlotte in Va.

  16. Such a handsome man..Thinking of you today..

  17. I have not idea what this must be like but I know it must be so tough...praying for you. Dianntha

  18. What a good looking young man! So proud of the young men and women who choose to keep our country safe and free and also proud of the parents of these young men and women. I can sympathize with you as my husband and I sent off our two sons to the Marine Corps. They safely served their tours of duty and returned to civilian life. There are many times throught the day you stop and wonder where they are....what they're doing and if they're alright! While our sons were gone, we communicated a lot with emails. Even when the younger son was stationed on aircraft carriers we at least had emails from him...usually daily. It was during that time that we reflected on previous generations and how they did not have that communication. Please find peace in that you do have communication with him. We'll pray for you and your son.


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