Friday, January 4, 2013

I think the Update is Done and Pay it Forward

Ok, I think I'm done updating for now. I deleted a lot of blogs... I was a bit stunned at how many I had to delete, but any that hadn't been written on in 11 or months had to go.  I added those who commented, if you are not there, it was not intentional, please let me know.  And if anyone else wants to be added, leave a comment because my blog roll editing is finally working!

And now for the question of the day... What do you think? Tell me the truth? Do you like it? Is it easy to read? Hard on the eyes?... just let me know. Thanks!!

Now for the Pay it Forward... I responded to Tammy's PIF(over at A Primitive Place) and I'm copying what she wrote(hope you don't mind Tammy)...

2013 Creative Pay It Forward....
the first 5 people to comment on this post stating “they would like to Join In” will receive something from me sometime this year.
I don't know yet what it will be???
Maybe a handmade creation, or a prim candle, or a decorating book, ???
Just what ever comes to my mind or spirit.
I can promise that it will only be a type of item that I would want to receive myself.

As for the “Catch”…
The first 5 people to request to be included must make the same offer on their blog and follow through with the giving.
*You must say you want to join in on the PIF in order for your comment to be counted.
Lets spread a little Love this year, my friends.
What do you say??
Wanna join in??

Have a wonderful day,



  1. I like the simplified look!!!
    Thanks for adding me to your blogroll. :)

  2. Your blog looks great Tiff! I have an older computer, I'm afraid she's on her last legs, so I know she appreciates simple. ;) Wish I could sign up for your PIF, but I signed up with another blog already.

    Blessings, Jessica

  3. The blog looks fantastic! I would like to sign up for the what do I do? LOL
    Be blessed,

  4. Looks great! New Year, new look!
    (I did the same thing!)

  5. Like the simplicity of the new blog, makes loading alot easier without all the extras (althou they are cute but slows it down). I like your old header alot better. I am gonna try to blog more this year but only when I have something to share not what I ate for supper ha. I would luv to start the new Years with Pay it Foward so I am copying the above to my post, also saw it on Tammys(Primitive Place) but didn't comment.

  6. Love the new look!!! Your header does seem a bit blurry, can't read the writing clearly, you may want to use PicMonkey to sharpen it up more clearly? Other than that, it's super cute and simple!!

  7. Tiff ~
    Your blog format is very easy on the eyes!!!
    Hugs :)

  8. Your blog looks great Tiff,very easy on the eye.
    Loads of love Laura xx


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