Monday, January 14, 2013

Pinned It, Made It!!!...

I've got to stop worrying so much, stay informed, but not obsess, that is what I am telling myself. Remember history and try not to let it repeat itself, but in the great scheme of things, I am just one person and right now I  need to focus on my family and make our small world the best it can be.

Ok, on to what I pinned and what I made. Remember those Mr. and Mrs. pillows?  I finally got around to making them today.  They were super quick and easy!

Here they are on the bed. And you notice the collage of pictures on the wall... that was the Christmas present from Cameron... they were perfect for over the bed :)   Yep, and it's January 14th and you are seeing correctly, the windows are open! It's gorgeous outside and I opened up the whole house.
 This is the view from the doorway looking into our room.
 The desk and chair are two family pieces that my mom passed down to me.
 The red pillows are made from two sweaters that I no longer wore.
 Close up of the pillows.  I was going to use white fabric, but I didn't have any thick enough. So I used some leftover drop cloth from the camper cushion project. The letters are just done with sharpie, like I said, super easy!  I made the more feminine than the Mr. and they are on the bed this way because these are the sides we sleep on :) Best of all, this project didn't cost a dime, I had all the materials and the pillow inserts were old ones from our couch.
 Couple more views of the room...

Here is the pin...

 And here are mine...
Have you made any pins lately?

Have a fantastic day,



  1. Great job Tiff, I love your room just beautiful

  2. Tiff your bedroom is beautiful!Enjoy the warm weather,wish I could call ours back that we enjoyed last week.Great job on those pillows,really like the red sweater ones too.Have a wonderful evening,Jen

  3. I can't believe that I got to open our windows one day last week too. Couldn't do it today though...BRRRR! It did get me in the mood for some early spring cleaning though.
    Your pillows look great! And lucky you, you get the side by the windows.

  4. Lovely Tiff,your room is beautiful.xx

  5. Wow it's freezing here (7F when we came back from the grocery)! Lucky you that you can open your windows!

    Your room is beautiful and I love your bed. The pillows turned out better than the pinned version IMO. You did a great job on them!

  6. Your bedroom is beautiful...I LOVE your pillows...

  7. Sharpie?? That is a fantastic idea. I can even handle that. Your room looks so very appealing and warm and cozy and comfy and beautiful. I love those colors, I love that bed, I adore that desk. What a sweet retreat you have in there. It makes me want to go dust my room!

  8. Tiff
    I love your Mr & Mrs. pillows. And your red sweater ones too.
    Your whole bedroom is so nice. I'm a red lover, so it definitely
    appeals to me.

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