Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Updating Blog Roll... Want Me to Add You?

Happy New Year everyone!!  And with a new year, I thought it was about time to update my blog roll.  Over the next few days I'm going to be editing it(taking off blogs that haven't posted in a long time and adding new ones).  I know I have a lot of followers who aren't listed on my blog roll and I want to change that.  The main reason you aren't there is really a silly technical issue. You see, when I'm online I am usually signed in under my google account that I get my email with, but for some reason, to access my blog(and make posts) I have to sign in under another account(the email address that my internet service came with, that I no longer use for email). So if I am on using my normal account and go to look at your blog and become a follower, when I go to add you to my blog roll it is not there because I did not become a follower under my blog account. Make sense?  I just need to take a few hours under my blog account and follow everyone and then I can add you all.

Ok, to make a long post short... if you aren't on my blog roll and want to be, leave a comment with your blog address and sometime this week or weekend I will add you.  I think I'm also going to change my blog from a 3 column to a 2 column layout, which may take some time because I have to then remember how to add the templates and such, which I'm not good at.

photo courtesy of Mrs. DIY and the Tennis Guy
And the pic above... I want to make these for the master bedroom, our anniversary is coming up and I thought these would be cute... but in a white fabric to go with the room. Here is the blog they are from.

Have a lovely day,



  1. Good look with the changes to your blog Tiff,Im not very technical,and usually mess things up.
    My ipad has changed how things look on mine,it's OK on my laptop but not the Ipad.Oh well,have to get my friends boy to have a look at it.
    A very Happy New Year to you and yours Tiff,hope 2013 is a good year for you,I know parts of last year were difficult for you.
    Hugs from

  2. I would love to be on your blog roll. I am now blogging at

  3. Fogot to say please

    put me on your blog roll .


  4. I love coming to visit and read your blog.
    lots of interesting stuff! You can add me to your blogroll if you like. I haven't been posting much lately because I got a full time and a part time job a couple years back. But I plan on spending less time at work and more time on fun stuff this year. I've got lots of work that I want to do on my house and I need to get my flower gardens back in shape, so I might have more to write about now too.
    Have fun jazzing up your blog!!

  5. I would love to be are on mine! Dianntha

  6. Please add me ~

  7. Please add me ~ ~ Janice

  8. Please add me~
    Good luck with the editing,I have been trying for the last couple of weeks and can not seem to stop following any of the blogs that are inactive.Hugs,Jen

  9. I'd love to be listed please! Thank you! Love the idea of Mr. And Mrs. Pillows! I found a fix for the new look on the iPad...if anyone mentions it as above, let them know I made a post on how to fix it!

  10. Please add me!

    I love those pillow covers. Happy New Year, Tiff!

  11. I don't blog about the same things you blog about, but I love coming here and reading about all the fantastic things going on and your happy style. I also enjoy perusing your blogroll! I would love to be added if you feel I "fit." Thanks for your happy outlook that you share with all of us! And Happy Anniversary soon! I just celebrated my 17th. Not sure where the time goes, but congratulations to you both!

  12. Nice pillows!! Such a fun idea.
    Wishing you a Happy New Year

  13. I love having you on my blog roll, easy access and can keep up with you with one click!! Love those pillows too!!

  14. Love the pillows and have loved your blog from the first time I started were the first blog I ever read and I am still amazed at all you get done in a day...Love to be on your blog roll but no worries if I am not...I will keep reading faithfully and commenting occassionally when time allows !


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