Monday, February 11, 2013

35.5" Apparently Weren't Enough...

Thank you all for the kind words yesterday.   

Today I wanted to share what our Maine winter looks like this year.  My town had the grand honor of highest snowfall in Maine from storm Nemo, 35.5"!!   And apparently winter thinks it wasn't enough. Here is what is happening outside right now...Oh and they are pretty much finished with the house behind me. No one is in it yet, but soon I'm sure. They went with a nice green colored siding and white trim.
 Hubby has made a point of always having fresh flowers for me lately.  He brought home the roses for me on Sunday, but the last batch still had life in them, so I separated them an put them in jars on either side.
 One more look at today's snow.


  1. Beautiful flowers from your thoughtful hubby.
    Just look at that snow,we are not good at coping with snow in the UK,just a little and everything grinds to a halt lol.
    Laura xx

  2. Hi Tiff,
    Im cold just looking at it.
    Here's hoping and praying it stops soon.
    How sweet of your hubby.
    Beautiful flowers.

  3. I saw your town on the weather channel and was wondering how you were holding up under all that snow!

  4. Northern Maine lucked out for a change only about 8 inches YAY, you keep the snow we don't want it.

  5. Looks like my old neighborhood! How sweet of your hubby, the flowers are beautiful:)

  6. That's a lot of snow and here we thought 12" was a lot.
    Stay safe and warm!
    Such a sweet Hubby you have!
    Prim Blessings

  7. Ahhhh Tiff the snow is so pretty! The flowers and the whole arrangement is darling! You are so talented!
    Be blessed,

  8. WOW! My daughter is jealous of all that snow though :)

  9. Goodness that is a lot of snow!! Your flowers are so pretty!

  10. Oh my, I can't believe all of that snow !!! How did you ever make it out of the house ??!! We have only had about 3" so far & I doubt if we will have anymore! Stay warm n cozy Tiff !! Hugssssss


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