Monday, February 18, 2013

Her Golden Birthday...

 My second oldest child(my oldest daughter) turned 18 today on the 18th... Her Golden Birthday :)

She is my "artsy" child. She loves art in all mediums. She was accepted to the Art Institute of NH with a lovely scholarship for this coming Fall.  She is the also the child with the personality that most resembles mine, which can mean that we butt heads often;)  As you will see in this photos, she is very creative and loves to dress up and take pictures, it doesn't hurt that she is photogenic too.
 She is having a bunch of friends over this evening for pizza and cake... and we have a prank to play on her...exploding balloon cake!

 She likes to experiment with her hair. It's fine with us, it's only hair.
 Her photoshop creativity...

Happy Birthday my dear Samantha bear!! You have grown into a beautiful young woman right before my eyes and I'm so proud of you.  I love you.

ps...Cameron finished up MCT today and he was able to call her this afternoon! I got to talk to him for a nice long while after 5 weeks of nothing.... very happy mommy today.


  1. What a beautiful girl, Happy Birthday!

  2. What a beautiful daughter..
    Happy Birthday..

  3. Ahhh, what a great day! I hope the exploding cake was fantastic!
    One can tell she is an incredibly talented artist and woman. How great for her, and what an exciting future!

  4. Happy birthday to Samantha.A very beautiful daughter you have Tiff.
    Love all the photos especially the last one with all that red hair ,is she emanating Scream.....
    She has a great future in front of her.Another one flying the nest Tiff.
    Love Laura xxx

  5. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SAMANTHA...and what a beautiful name to go with a beautiful girl.
    How proud you must be.

  6. Happy Birthday Samantha !! She is such a beautiful girl & very creative too ! I wish her much luck !!

  7. Happy Birthday, Samantha!
    Hope it was a Fabulous Day!!
    Yes, I agree, so beautiful and creative.


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