Friday, February 15, 2013

Just Waiting...

Waiting in limbo, that's what I'm doing, that's what I have been doing, and that's what I will be doing(for who knows how much longer).   We are trying to figure out where and when we should move. After my oldest daughter graduates, there isn't anything holding us here anymore.  Hubby works in NH, so for financial(travel expenses and taxes) and family reasons(less commuting more time at home) it makes sense for us to go there.  We want to rent for awhile, but trying to find a house big enough, that will take 5 children still at home, a dog, and two cats is not an easy task.  I would love to find a fixer upper farm on a few acres, but those are few and far in between. I want a safe town and neighborhood, but not sure I'm up to a new subdivision again.  Schools must be good, but then again, maybe I will home school.  
All this makes doing anything in the house right now, well, not at all appealing. Why should I rearrange a room or redecorate when I don't know if we will be here in 4 months?  What I should be doing is gutting the house of junk, because the thought of moving all of this gives me nightmares!  But that is a daunting task because I love my collections and finds, but I really don't need them all.  Simplify is what I need to do.  But I think that would be easier if I knew the house we would be moving in to... will it have a place for my sewing and craft stuff, will it have a basement for storage, how many of the kids will be sharing rooms, will it have a garage? all things that I need to take into consideration.  I guess no matter what, I will be having a massive yard sale come Spring.

Enough of my whining, I just need to pray for patience and guidance :)

Today I will share what was out my bedroom window this past Wednesday....

I was walking out of my bathroom and past my bed when something caught my eye out the window....  do you see it?
 Closer examination showed this big beautiful owl!  He(or she) was just lovely. I called the kids up and got the camera.  We watched him for 20 minutes or so(and he watched us, noisy children were "whoooing" at him out the window).  He eventually silently flew away and was marvelous to see those wings spread.
Have a lovely weekend,



  1. Good luck with your house hunting.
    The photo of the owl is just wonderful.xx

  2. I hope you find the perfect place for your family! What a nice treat to see the owl in your yard!

  3. Good luck on your house search Tiff, but I know wherever you move that it will be a very welcoming home full of love :)

  4. What a wonderful sight!!! I can relate in the moving and what helped me was going through everything, pitching and packing now! It will keep you busy and will be less work when you do move. A fellow blogger searched high and low for a fixer upper farmhouse and found one on Craig's List, so keep looking and good luck!!

  5. Wonderful photo! Good luck with the purging and moving and everything that comes with it. I know what that was like. We moved across country from NH to California. We had to purge to make room in the huge moving Big house and four children and lots of "stuff". I found it was more emotionally exhausting than anything. Good luck. One day at a time. Blessings~Sara

  6. Beautiful little owl.....I can tell you something about simplifying. A few years back there was a set of books (can't remember the author) but they were like Simplify Your Life, the Simplify Reader, etc. I got myself going on pitching things out, you know like the 5 bread trays you got as a wedding gift, the clothes you haven't worn in two years, etc. It has been a continuing process but it is the most freeing thing I have ever done. I'm 66 and now have only what we need or what makes me happy in my home. With children, naturally, you will have more "things" but as they pass through each stage of life, you will find that less and less makes your heart sing!



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