Friday, February 8, 2013

Happy 3rd Birthday Mason!!

My baby turned 3 today!!  He woke up to his first present... a pretty blanket of snow on the ground and it has been falling steadily all day.

We celebrated with homemade cupcakes...
 Here he is showing how old he is.  He didn't know which way to look because there were four of us with cameras :)

 He approved of the cupcakes.
 His Nana and Grandpa sent him a Hess truck and $3, he was very happy.
 I decided to go the homemade route with our presents...  I made him a baby carrier to carry around Rosa and a knit hat for Rosa's head(my first knit project!)...

 Then I found a couple on Etsy who make the most beautiful wooden toys...   Ok, so I didn't make them, but they are still handmade.  The toys are very reasonably priced for the quality and workmanship.  Mason has had a thing for military stuff ever since Cameron became a Marine, so I knew he would really like these.

 In these next three pictures he was playing with the helicopter and he exclaimed "I love these!".

I think he had a good birthday. For dinner he asked for chicken and french fries, so that is what he will be getting.

Happy Birthday Mason!! We love you little buddy!!!



  1. Isn't he a poppet ,look at his little face.the cakes look yummy.
    I love those wooden toys,always been a fan of wooden toys .
    Say Happy Birthday to give him a hug from England.xx

  2. Happy Birthday Mason..
    How adorable is he..
    I love his wooden toys..

  3. Happy Birthday Mason!
    What lovely, thoughtful presents!

  4. What a great birthday he had. I love that smile with frosting smeared all around his mouth....just too stinking cute!
    Happy birthday Mason

  5. Great pictures.
    Hugs :)

  6. Aww, Happy Birthday Mason !!! I love the doll carrier that you made him & I think it's so cute that he loves his doll :)
    I also think it's wonderful that he got homemade toys, not the newest gadgets that the kids see on commercials and always want. GOOD JOB TIFF !!
    I love reading your blog, seeing your decorating ideas & hearing about your wonderful family ! LUV U ♥


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