Tuesday, April 28, 2015

24 Week baby update....

I had my 24 week check up and ultrasound today.... All was good :)   My BP was characteristically low, 102/58, uterus measured large(again, not unusual for me), and Asher's HB was perfect at 144. I refused to step on the scale, haha, seriously, I didn't! I told them next time I will, but we were on vacation all last week and I didn't want to see the number. My Dr, is pretty easy going, and I'm healthy, so he let's me get away with things :)

We finally were able to see Asher's face, but he just loves putting his arm and hand by his face, as you can see in this profile pic... his arm is stretched over the top of his face(hand to the left and elbow to the right) and he is trying to kiss his elbow!  He kept doing that during the U/S, sticking his tongue out and moving his lips towards his arm.

And if you remember the great leg shot we got last time?, he decided to give us a good arm one this time... he approves of my continuing to lift weights this pregnancy by flexing his little arm muscles to the screen!

He is measuring perfectly at 1lb 8oz and everything is looking great. And he is breech at the moment, which I knew because he kicks the heck out of bladder on an hourly basis! He is by far my most active baby.  I head back next month for another U/S and the dreaded glucose test.

Back tomorrow with some pictures of our trip to Ohio.



  1. Really pleased everything is going well Tiff.Keep well.xx

  2. Thanks for the good news update, looking forward to hearing how your trip went!

  3. I don't blame you for not wanting to step on the scales..No body likes the number they see LOL! I'm glad all is well and look forward to seeing photos of your trip. Take care xo


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