Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Baby Sewing Day 5....

Well, techinically this is "kid" sewing :)  We are going on a quick trip soon and the new family car isn't as big as the this meant I had to say no to everyone bringing their own back pack full of "stuff". There just isn't the space to put it all.  But they still needed some space to store their gadgets, so I made some fabric storage hangers for the back of the seats.   I just "winged" them, no pattern and I didn't even measure things to square them up, but I they were simple and quick(and free!)... and just what we needed.

 The top part has a snap on it(love my little snap press) so it comes on and off easily. I also put a snap in the middle of the big pocket on the bottom.  The bottom of the hanger just has a band of elastic that goes around the front of the seat which helps to keep it in place and from hanging to far out.

Have a lovely day!


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  1. You are one little smart cookie!!! I envy any one who can decide to make something off the top of their head pattern .... no nothin' ....just talent!!!


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