Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Baby Update 22.5 Weeks...

I'm now over halfway through this pregnancy... time seems to be going pretty quickly now, especially when I start to think about everything I want to get done before he comes!
I will admit, that I have been struggling with putting on weight with this pregnancy. Ok, actually that came out wrong, my body has no problem with putting on weight, it is mind mind that is struggling with the fact that I am.  After working so hard to lose all that weight, it is really hard to see the scale climb back up. And it hasn't climbed a little, it has climbed A LOT!  But I'm trying to focus on the fact that I am healthy and I'm still exercising and I'm much better offer than I was with my last babies.   But for a fat girl, gaining weight is always a hard thing to deal with :(

Anyway, I thought it may be fun to compare this pregnancy with my last one. I didn't have an exact same week picture, so the one with Mason is a week behind.  The main thing you can see is that my stomach muscles were definitely not as tight...look at how much bigger the belly was.

UGH! I really hate pictures of myself, but oh well, it's fun to have a record of time.

As far as little Asher goes, he is doing well and is perfecting his ninja skills(he is a kicker!). I go back to the Dr. on the 28th and will have another ultrasound. And another ultrasound in May and then they will go biweekly followed by weekly until delivery.... guess it comes with being geriatric ;)



  1. Tiff, I'm so glad everything is going well! I didn't get preg with my kids until I'd lost weight first. With #1 I gained 60 lbs.but was able to walk most of it off. I got to know our neighborhood really well. lol.

  2. BTW I think you look GREAT! Happy momma!

  3. Hi Tiff, I think U look GREAT!!!!

  4. I think you look Great too!!! So glad to hear everything is going fine!

  5. You do look great, happy and healthy! Love the name too!


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