Friday, July 10, 2015

35 week Appointment...

Ok,  technically, 34weeks 6 day  Dr. appt.  :)  

Asher Jacob stats:
HB 150

Weight, the little bugger wouldn't cooperate to get measurements, so she guessed at least 5 and half pounds

No pics,  he wouldn't show us his face at all! Like I said, he wouldn't cooperate

He is by far my most active baby. He is moving constantly and there are times when his kicks are physically painful to me

He has hiccups at least twice a day now

Mommy stats:

BP  96/57

weight, yep I gained some ;)

No swelling, which according to my Dr is almost unheard of for how old I am. He made several commnents about how amazed he was that I wasn't swollen.

My fundal height is measuring 39 weeks and my Dr. thinks he will be a big baby, guess we will see.

I'm at the stage of being "done", I just want him out so I can hold and snuggle him. Plus, my stomache is very painful and the heartburn is getting to me.  I want to be able to move easily and do the things I used to.  I know it is best for him to "bake" a bit longer, I am just so tired!

Ok, I really can't complain, I have no real problems with my health, it's all just pregnancy related uncomfortability, lol!

Still scheduled for an August 7th csection, but hoping it gets moved up a few days.

Here are some pics of me(and Asher as the belly)...

The boobs are getting too big for my liking! I guess I can't do anything about that though.

I go back weekly now, it's getting close!



  1. You look wonderful!!! Best of luck, Janie

  2. You look just fab.Not long now till we all see baby, look after yourself .xxx

  3. I love your outfit. You look amazing girl!! Won't be long now. :-D :-D

  4. look absolutely amazing Tiff...just gorgeous!


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