Friday, July 3, 2015

Kayaking on Mousam River, Kennebunk, ME

It was another gorgeous day here.  We took the kids kayaking on Mousam River in Kennebunk.  This is a tidal river, so most of the trip was with the current up river and then with the current back down.  We did about 4 miles total and I don't think the kids could have done much more.

Here is a neat old railroad bridge that crosses the river...

We rented 5 kayaks, two tandem and 3 singles.  Zach and I road together and Mason road with James.

Very pretty scenery...

A bald eagle came and flew circles right over us...

My partner tired out for quite a bit of it(notice the paddle Not in the water)


Mason was all smiles...

Me in a swimsuit, not something I would normally post, but wanted to show Asher along for the ride :)

 Coming out the other side of the railroad bridge...

Me and hubby :)

It was a great day!  Though I'm paying for it now... currently laying on the couch with a backache and some pretty strong braxton hicks!

Tomorrow is Noah's birthday(and the 4th of July) and he and James are taking a flight lesson.... I hope they can fly over the house so I can get a picture.


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