Thursday, July 16, 2015

Success???, LOL!!....

I was letting Jenny out to go potty after we got back from the gym this morning and I noticed this....

 My first ever Morning Glory flower!  I always plant the seeds every year, but never to do I get the lovely big vines of glorious flowers that grow over everything.  This year seemed to be no exception...I saw the seedlings come up, I watered them, but hardly any growth, let alone any vining action.   Boy was I surprised when I saw that pretty little purple flower... who knew you could have a stubby Morning Glory!!??
I'm not calling this year a success, it's more funny than anything else! :)

I'm off to the Dr this stuff.


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  1. I have to giggle at this post! I too love morning glories! I can't believe they don't grow in your area! We once had an ivory home with light blue shudders. There was a planter box built into the wall near the home entrance. Munch to my husband's surprise (he works in the Ag industry to reduce weeds in crops) I planted a whole package of Morning Glories in that planter one year. We had railings above the planter and those morning glories climbed so well and covered the whole area with beautiful blue blooms! When he first saw them growing he thought we had weeds in the planter until I begged him not to pull them! Haha! The weed guy's wife was growing weeds! That planter was self seeding for the 9 years we lived in that house! I hope your flower grows for you. Give it a little miracle grow and I bet it will take off like a weed! Tee Hee!


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