Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Baby Stuff...

 I've been busy, or at least trying to keep busy... these last few weeks are just dragging by and I really just want to hold Asher in my arms and meet him face to face :)

I had my last appt. this afternoon, 37 weeks 3days... my csection is scheduled for next Friday :)  All was well today. No U/S, just a NST, which he passed with flying colors.  My Dr is thinking he will be a big baby as my stomache is measuring in at 43 weeks... guess we will see!  Any guesses from you guys?  

I'm really hoping that he comes before next Friday because I am getting very uncomfortable, but I really have no real complaints.  I think the nesting bug kicked in this morning, after I got back from the gym and showered, me and the kids spent 3 hours cleaning the house from top to bottom! I don't know where the energy came from, but I'm now relaxing on the couch in a nice clean house...happy!

Here I am right before my appointment... my belly got huge!!!

And I forgot to share a picture of Asher last week at 36weeks 5 days....He is totally squished in there!

I made all the kids shirts to wear to the hospital when they meet Asher for the first time... I think they came out pretty cute.

They all have the year that they became a big brother or sister on them...
And then I realized that I needed to make Asher a matching one too. So Saturday we spent all day trying to find a plain newborn onesie or tshirt... but no luck.  I ended up buying a child's red tshirt and then I sewed it into a romper....

And here it is... I can't wait to see him in it.

That's it for now,  have a lovely day,



  1. I was just telling Katie today that you should be delivering pretty soon now. How early/late were your other children and what were their weights? I could make a better guess if I knew that. ;)

  2. How adorable are those printed tops and onsie! Did you screenprint them yourself? All the best for D-day I'm predicting Asher will be 9lbs10oz :o)

  3. You look like you are going to pop! But you also still look amazing for being pregnant.

    The shirts are way too cute, hope you'll share a pic with them wearing them!

  4. Hi Tiff - oh man you are going to have one big 'little' boy sweet is that little face on the sweet.
    Your creative energy is wonderful - it's going to be a big hit with the staff at the hospital when they see everyone dressed in those sweet t's.


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