Thursday, December 10, 2015

Christmas Countdown Day 10.. more decor...

 Here are some more pictures of the house...I took all of these the night of my gingerbread party.

This is the mudroom... I think this may be the first year I didn't have any lights in this area.

This is the front hallway area...

 I put all the vintagey stuff in this area this year...

Including the white tree with all my 50's and 60's ornaments...

And here is the downstairs half bath...

And had to share a picture of my poor little man today....his right eye is acting up, all red and goopy. He has had drainage problems with this eye, but it has been clear for 2 he is either fighting off a cold or it's teething related.



  1. The white tree, that was the one I saw through the doorway. Does Santa still come to your home? I haven't put up a single light, decoration, or a tree this year. I think Hugh's surgeries and the online challenges have left me totally lacking in that department. However the Christmas season is strong in my heart.Asher, get well soon.XX

  2. Beautiful home decor you have. Thank you for sharing. 'Hope your little boy's eye is well soon.

  3. Lovely decorating! Asher is beautiful!!


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