Thursday, December 24, 2015

Christmas Sewing...

We started the matching Christmas jammie thing years ago, and while I know that we are far from the first family to do this, it seems like the last year or so it has gotten quite popular.  I used to be able to easily find affordable jammies in all the right sizes, but not this year.  I even started back in September looking for them. I wasn't picky, they didn't have to be "Christmas" themed, they just had to match in size infant to adult. I looked and looked, some of my past places were no longer selling them, other places were out of my price range($50+ per set x 8), and then other places didn't have certain sizes.   So what was I going to do?  I thought, well, just buy some flannel pants...but that still wasn't working...couldn't find them.  So I decided just to make my own.
I orderd two coordinating flannels from Joann Fabric.  After a few shipping mishaps and then a few emails to work things out...I must say that Joann's has renewed my faith in big box stores.  Personal attention was given to me to make sure that my flannel would be here in time. It arrived overnight and then I sewed and sewed!
All in all, I made 7 pairs of pants, two pairs of long shorts, and one nightgown(for me).

They will wear matching white tshirts  as the tops(bought a 7 pack of men's t's at Sam's).

They are all washed and ready to wear in time for the annual stair picture tomorrow morning :)

Thank you Mary Ellen and Jill of Joann Fabric for turning a frustrating situation into a pleasant one. I truly appreciate your gift of the flannel for my Christmas tradition.  Merry Christmas to you both!!

Back tomorrow with Christmas morning,



  1. Looking forward to your annual jammie picture.
    Merry Christmas!

  2. I love your tradition Tiff and can't wait to see your family photo tomorrow!

  3. cuffs and insets, beautiful. It is always so great when a store gives that extra service with a smile or two. I finished the very last Christmas hand sewing last night, a wall hanging for Joyce, who lives with us. Maybe a photo come soon when Hugh cuts the dowel for the hanging sleeve. Waiting for the family photo. Greetings to all at your home, and those abroad as well.

  4. They are beautiful, Tiff. I always love seeing your jammie picture! Merry Christmas. Lori


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