Friday, December 4, 2015

Christmas Countdown Day 4....

Today was the gingerbread party...I'll share it with you tomorrow.  Asher had his 4 month check up today...he is growing perfectly.  16.9 lbs and 26" long. His Dr commented on how perfect and soft his skin is, it's because I rub him down in coconut oil after his baths :)  After we got home an early Christmas gift came in the mail for him...a little chair of his own to sit in :)




  1. lovely seat all for Asher himself, it looks so comfy, and in my eyes, very safe too. And the TREE!!! amazing feat of cooking, icing and engineering. You have been so busy, I still have to post your mugs onto my blog, but life has been hectic.

  2. Baby boy...perfect! Gingerbread....perfect!!! You are the best Mom, Tiff!!
    Wish you lived nearby...I would love to know you in person.


  3. Such a beautiful an content baby! And a pretty gingerbread tree.


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