Thursday, December 3, 2015

Christmas Countdown Day 3...

In November I signed up for a mug rug exchange with Kimberly over at Camp and Cottage Living. I had never made one before but I figured it shouldn't be too hard since it was just like a little mini quilt.  I got paired up with a lovely woman, Jean, from New can see her beautiful work on her blog,  All Points on the Compass.

Yesterday afternoon, my package arrived!!  
Along with a beautiful mug rug, she included buttons(funny because I had sent her colorful buttons as well!), bookmarks, a mini calendar, and awesome Kiwi bird napkins...but she didn't stop there....

She went through my blog and found out every single one of my kids names and then made them(as well as James and myself) each a New Zealand key chain!  And wrapped them all up individually so they each had their own little present(I love the paper!). She even made sure there was one for Cameron in Hawaii. Seriously, how sweet is this?!?!

 And here is a closeup of the lovely mug rug, she used wonderful batik fabrics for it.

I really can't thank Jean enough, her thoughtfulness and kindness were greatly appreciated and brightened up my week. I need to go make a cup of tea now to try out my new rug!!

Have a wonderful day,


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  1. Jean is a lovely woman to know, Tiffaney. She is quite a quilter as is evident in your mug rug gift!
    Thank you for being a part of the swap.

  2. Hi Tiffany! I'm visiting via Kimberly's blog. I, too, participated in the swap and a jolly-good time. Your mug rug from Jean is simply beautiful! I just love the sweet colors she used. And what delightful goodies she included.

    Hugs and blessings!


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