Friday, April 1, 2011

Ha Ha Spring, You Got Us...

Sick of seeing snow pics? I sure am!! Just yesterday we actually had grass showing, but today we woke up to this. On the bright side, the kids had a snow day!! So I got to sleep in, YAY!!!

It's April, so I know it will melt soon, right?

Have a glorious day,



  1. Hi Tiff,
    It has to!
    Even though I admit....
    I feel like Spring is never going to get here.

    Southern IL has no snow, but after a couple of teaser days (warm days) it has been in the 30s - 40's this past week.
    I need some sunshine therapy!!

    Anyone want to run away to Hawaii with me??

    Im to the point, I'll settle for living in a tent on the beach, as long as it is Warm!

  2. That was us yesterday!!!
    Today the sun is shining and the snow is melting.
    It is getting old.....really old....but enjoy your snow day!

  3. Pardon my french, but that would suck!!! I am a Canadian who lives in the snow belt, and that would make me cry. We finally have no snow and though it is still chilly, it is sunny.

    Hope it all melts soon for you.

  4. We got some snow day, but we're already going until June 23rd so I'm good with that. We're due for melting tomorrow! I hope you guys are right behind us!


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