Sunday, April 17, 2011

Paint, Paint, Paint! No! It's for the Sale!!!

The bunny above has nothing to do with this post, I just thought he was awfully cute, and if they didn't pee, poo,or shed I would love one as a pet ;)

So I painted the walls of the garage yesterday, touched up the trim work today, and I'm painting pieces for the sale. As I'm painting the stuff for the sale I keep having to tell myself "NO! It's for the sale!" and I have no more room in the house and that is the reason for the sale!!! But man, some of the stuff is so cute :) Oh well, it will be fun setting up the garage like a store. I have decided the sale will be May 13-15th, so if you are local, look for it in the paper or email for the details. I have two other people who will be putting some of their stuff in too, so hopefully it will be packed full of treasures.

Stay tuned!


  1. I would love to borrow you! LOL! You sound so organized! we have such a mess here, trying to get eveything done. The bunny is cute. I am tired of cleaning up after cats and dogs. No more I say, no more!
    Have a terrific week1 ANNE

  2. Good Luck on your sale, I had to laugh at what Anne said...........No more I say, no more because we said that for years, that when our two old dogs were gone that was it, well............we have 4 Labradors now, so much for saying no more! Hence my blog name

  3. I wish I lived closer to help and shop!!

  4. When I was your age I also had seven children...they are grown now. I always dreamed of living in a big old farm house too. Unfortunately my husband was a career Marine..and it wasn't to be for us. I hope it happens for you. You have time. The father of my seven children died 13 years ago.
    I have gone on but I will miss him until I die.
    Thank you for following me...not so sure I know where I'm going...but at this time it doesn't matter. :) I am coasting and enjoying my days.


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