Thursday, April 7, 2011

Pillow, Work in Progress, and Favorite Fruit...

I've been wanting to make some new pillow covers for the family room for awhile now, so last night I finally got started. I made a quick log cabin cover in browns. Nothing fancy, just quick and simple.
I did the back in a solid print with a pillow sham closure. I think I will make a few more up this week, but in different quilt block designs.
I'm still working on the crocheted afghan. I have about 45 of the granny circles done now. However, remember I said I only had one skein of each(the multi and the blue), well, I ran out of the multi color and when I went to buy more, they were sold out. So I bought 3 skeins of another version in the same line. Not the exact same colors(the ones on the left), but I think when I mix them all together it will turn out fine. I'm going to attach them together with plain white yarn, to give it more of a pop.
My kids absolutely LOVE Clementines, we go through them like mad. I like them too, but I have discovered a new orange that I like even better, it's called a Cara Cara naval orange and they are grown here in the USA. Honestly, I don't like many oranges because their flesh it too chewy, but not with this orange. It is so tender and easy to eat, and the taste is mild but sweet. The flesh is on the pinkish side, but not to the point of being a blood orange. It's an early to mid season orange, so if you get the chance, try one! (It's the big one in the pic, and I am now out of them so I need to go get more!)
I have lots of emails and comments I need to reply to, so if you haven't heard from me, I'm getting to it :)

Have a fantastic day,



  1. You are busy! The crochet reminds me of my dear Grammy. She was a crochet fiend! She sat and rocked and moved that hook like there was no tomorrow! I wish I could have shown her my homespun...she would have been so thrilled. I like your pillow design! I think your yarn will mesh well together. Don't you hate it when you can't get the same color again!

  2. Hey there just checking in. Everything is officially filed and in 60 days irrevocably my life changes. Actually for all the feeling of being overwhelmed.... I am feeling pretty happy. Anyway I am back up and running. We need to do lunch some day okay?


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