Monday, April 4, 2011

Little Things...

Oh how little things can make you happy !

A trip to goodwill on Saturday made me quite happy with a few little things that I picked up. I couldn't resist this vintage sprinkler, I have never come across one at GW before and I knew it had to be worth at least the $2.99 they were asking for it. Any ideas on it's age or what it is worth? This is one area of collectibles that I know nothing about. I think it will sit somewhere in my kitchen for a Spring/Summer display.
Then I found another wood bowl for my rack that I will prim up. Also a round wood tray for the top of one of my crocks.
And look at this big bag of apples and pears, they look quite real. Not sure what my plans are for them yet, but they made me happy.
And little things make little people happy too.
My 4yr old asked me for a super hero cape this morning, so I gladly whipped him up one in his favorite color, Red.
He was Very happy with his new little thing and went zooming around the house.
And one of the 7 best little things in my house, the "getting very big" little man Mason!
Enjoy your Little Things,



  1. What great finds you got! I love your lil man in his cape! Super cute!

  2. oh I love your can make caramel apples for fall..and you can certainly prim them up and put rusty stars or something on them..:) love the sprinkler too and Mason is getting so big now.;) hows that kitchen coming?

  3. Mason is getting so big and keeps getting cuter!

  4. Wonderful thrifty finds!

    Carmen and the Primcats

  5. Hi...we share the same joy in GW shopping...did you know that goodwill has an online auction...i love their vintage category. Please visit my blog and enter my giveaway. It's 82 in South GA today...heard the A/C come on a little while ago. Hang in there hopefully winter will end where you live soon. The cape gave me an idea for my grandson...I made my granddaughter a poodle skirt and a twirl skirt a couple weeks ago....but what do you sew for I know.
    Have a great week!

  6. Great finds! I too enjoy the little things everday because I have 7 kids too! Life is full isn't it? Great Goodwill finds! Love when that happens!


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