Wednesday, April 20, 2011

My Hubby is the Best!

For months now I have been saying how I want to start painting things, not furniture, but pictures. I have an itch to paint animals, cows, pigs, goats.... Hubby kept telling me "do it". I kept saying "I'm busy. When the house is done. After such and such. Canvases are so expensive. " You get the point. Well, what showed up on my doorstep this afternoon.... A surprise package of canvases and paints!!! I have no excuses now. I just need to do it :) Thank you my dear sweet hubby! I love you !!!



  1. Wonderful hubby you got there and what a great surprise - Love your background on your blog too! Can't wait to see what you create (in your spare time!)

  2. What a wonderful surprise from your hubby!! Can't wait to see what you paint!! Love your new blog background!!

  3. That's one good man you've got there! Very nice, thoughtful gift. I look forward to your new art ventures!

  4. Bless his heart! Can't wait to see what you paint! I LOVE your new look here and must ask, is it hard to go to a 3 column? Your header is dreamy too! Great job!!

  5. Aren't we blessed to have such wonderful hubbies. MSH, my sweet hubby, does things like that for me too when I lease expect it. Those are just the best surprises. The ones you don't expect. Now Get Busy!!! you've got some painting to do. Heheh enjoy and have a great time. By the way do you paint in Oils or Acrylics???
    I used to teach Water color but I have been so busy with my punch needle and other projects that my painting seems to be a thing of the past as much as everyone encourages me to start again. You need to be inspired by something not encouraged so much. Okay, I rambled way too much.
    Go Paint a beautiful Picture.


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