Monday, September 3, 2012

The Camper Redo....

Happy Monday everyone! I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend.  We went camping in Bar Harbor and I'll share that in another post.  Right now I'm finally going to show you the camper redo that I have been talking about for awhile.  Just like the house, it's one of those things that is "never done" and a constant work in progress. Especially after our first trip in it since the makeover, I know what needs to go and what needs to change.

Our camper is not big. It's a very basic 26' model with no slideouts that we bought in Texas in 2006.  If was a safety blanket purchase.  We had just seen Katrina go through New Orleans and then we ran from Rita and realized that hotels, motels, and everywhere fills up very fast when hundreds of thousands of people are trying to escape the path of a hurricane.  A camper would at least give us a place to stay no matter where we had to park it.  Of course, within 2 months of buying it, we moved back to Maine, so it would become something we used to camp in.

Here is the floorplan of it. 
 These next two pictures are not mine. I forgot to take before pics!  But this is exactly what ours looked like, right down to the same fabrics.  Ugly right?
 I never really liked this camper, it was just the camper. Honestly, I hated it for a long time. We had to live in it for over 3 weeks when we moved back to Maine while we were waiting to close on our house.  6 kids and 2 dogs for that long in this space was not good.  I don't think I set foot in it for over a year after that.
 But moving on.  We did camp in after a few years and it wasn't bad for weekend trips.  But we always lacked on sitting space.  We never ever used the stove or oven(I sold it last month on craigslist, it went to a lobster boat), so I thought we should just do away with the kitchen(except for the fridge and microwave).    And after we discovered that some nasty little mice invaded the dinette area, hubby agreed to my plans(the whole thing had to be gutted anyway).  Here is part of the process.....

After the kitchen was taken out and starting to rebuild.
 We moved the sofa from this spot...
 The wall separating the "family room" from the master bedroom before....
 And after...  we cut and framed a hole to make the space more open.  We also replaced the flooring and painted the walls.  I would love to paint the bunkroom and master bedroom someday too, along with the cupboards, but that is on a far off "to do" list.

Now, Welcome to the makeover.... stepping into the camper.
 This small bench replaced the sofa. It provides shoe storage underneath it.
 You can see that we left the fridge and microwave in the same spots but now a bed/sofa resides where the oven and sink were.  The pullout sofa moved to where the dinette was.
 Remember that big crocheted rug I made?  I replaced the brown edging with aqua blue and it now works perfectly in the camper.
 New sofa/bed.
 Old pull out sofa.  And yes, the plant is real, and it went camping with us, I just put it in the bathtub when we were on the road.
 To change the cupboards up a bit without having to paint them, I added scrapbook paper to the inserts.  No gluing required, they just slipped in place, so no commitment and I can change them when I find paper I like better.
 I changed the shiny gold knobs with wood painted knobs.
 Here is the master bedroom.  Not a whole lot changed in here but I did make new curtains(both sets came from one vintage tablecloth and some vintage pom pom fringe). I added an old quilt as the headboard and we got rid of the queen bed and put in an air king bed with a fluffy mattress topper on it. Oh, and we replaced the maroon carpeting that covered the side stands and went under the mattress.

 You can't see it the pic, but hidden between the new sofa and the table in the corner is a foldable table  that we can use in the center aisle to  play games or eat on.
 View from the master bedroom....
 All the curtains in the family room were made with ONE vintage tablecloth and not a scrap of it was wasted. Somehow I managed(accidentally) to cut the three windows out in the right order and had enough to cover each window.
 Little sign I made.
 Small wood chair that I mod podged some print outs on.
 All the cushions(included the pullout sofa) got covered in painters drop cloths.  So under all the quilts are is a nice sturdy fabric.

 It's pretty cozy  at night with the chandelier lit(my youngest daughter donated it from her room, it's from Target about 5 years ago).
 A peek inside from outside....
Big kudos to my hubby for all the work he did on it, along with my 11 year old son.  I think it came out beautifully and now we know we can do bigger and better projects!!(bet he didn't want to read that!).

I hope you enjoyed the tour.

Have a fabulous day,



  1. It looks great Tiff, more like a cottage than camper!! Great job guys!!!

  2. WOW, looks fantastic! Makes it look really really homey! Gave me quite a few ideas for mine too. Thanks.

  3. Excellent! My husband and I have been looking for a camper to use and this is a great way to decorate it...we both agreed that we would do our cooking outside being able to add more "living" space is great!

    Love all the old quilts and I LOVE the chandelier!

  4. It's fantastic Tiff.
    We have just bought a V W campervan,just picked it up today.The whole of it would probably fit into your bedroom.
    But there's just me and hubby,and it's just what we want to travel the UK.
    You've done an awesome job Tiff,but then I knew you would.
    Hope you have many happy holidays in her.
    Laura x

  5. Tiff ~
    It looks so warm and cozy.
    Good job!!!
    Hugs :)

  6. Tiff, what a wonderful family project, the camper's re-do turned out just lovely and as Lauren stated very warm and cozy. Arcadia National Park is one of my favorite places to visit, a bit of heaven on earth. Thank you for sharing. Julie.

  7. Wow Tiff! That came out great! Impressive!

    Were the walls laminate? Did you just paint right over them? Our camper is so dark and I want to paint the walls but I worry the paint won't stick because it's laminate.

    Carmen and the Primcats

  8. WOW.. It looks wonderful..It looks like a cottage..I would go camping anyday in this and I am no camper..LOL

  9. That is just the cutest little thing I've ever seen !! You always do such a good job of making everything cozy, cute & welcoming Tiff !! It amazes me how you get so much done along with being a great mother & wife !! I adore your blog : )

  10. Found this post on pinterest, and had to let you know how much I love it! We have a large camper, and while I love the layout and all of the room we have, I hate the looks of it. This was such nice inspiration!
    Your camper looks so inviting and cozy. I'm sure wonderful memories are created here!


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