Friday, March 22, 2013

Goodies in the Mail...

It's always a treat when the mail carrier delivers fun goodies instead of the normal bills and junk mail. And this week's mail had some very nice goodies in it!

First came a package from my "spoolie" swap partner Trisha.  She loaded it up with all sorts of fabulous treasures!
 I absolutely love the little chick Easter box! and here is what it was filled with... I'm thinking that blingy "T" sticker may go on the cover of my hot pink laptop :)
 And here is the spoolie she created... perfectly festive for Easter, and a sweet little egg basket(which I may hang from a knob on my hutch).
 She also made a mini spring banner, which I thought would be perfect for the dollhouse. So I took this Valentine one down....
 And put this one up....
 Thank you Trisha for everything!!!!You were a great partner and very generous!

And then this little cutey surprised me on my doorstep today....courtesy of Tammy! She sent her to me as part of the Pay it forward 2013...
 Isn't she the sweetest little bear? My heart leaped when I unwrapped the tissue. She's made of burlap, but she's not stiff or hard, she is soft and floppy and ever so cute!
 When Mason saw me holding her, he immediately wanted her. I let him give her a hug but then told him that she was mine and she could live in the kitchen so that he could see her when ever he wanted.
 Love her dress!!!  Thank you so much Tammy, she made my day so much brighter.

 And last but not least, my Shutterfly order came. I can't tell you how much I love this place for getting prints. Ten 4x6" prints and two 8x10" prints cost me a total of $3.45($1.99 of that was shipping) because they emailed me a coupon for 2 free 8x10"s. They are always offering great coupons and discounts.

Don't you love this one of my Marine and Mason?!

Have truly beautiful weekend! We have Maine Maple Sunday to look forward to :)



  1. Hi Tiff,
    Today was a good mail day for you!
    Loved your swap goodies from Trisha.
    Especially loved the mini banners.
    AWESOME for your doll house.
    So happy your teddy arrived safe and sound.
    Thanks so much for joining in on the 2013 PIF.
    I dont think I have heard of Shutterfly, I need to check it out.
    LOVE LOVE LOVE that photo of your two boys.
    The black and white really sets it off.


    PS. Our house drama is back on again.
    I will get into the details later, just havent been in the mood to think or deal with it the last two days.
    But I will say this much...
    I got so fed up I called an agent friend of mine and as of yesterday there is a sign in my front yard.
    I'm done!

  2. Really great goodies! Love the picture as well. Thanks for sharing:)

  3. So glad you got your goodies and even more glad that you liked it all! I had a lot of fun and love all of my stuff! Hope you have a great Easter!


  4. The spoolie your friend made for you is so sweet. Wasn't this a fun swap?

  5. What a great gift you received in the mail..
    The pictures are very nice..
    Have a wonderful week..

  6. Wonderful swap goodies!!!! Isn't blogging fun...LOL
    Oh lucky you...a Tammy's just too cute in the striped jumper - I love it.
    I have one of hers and cherish it.


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