Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Last Class....

Last night was the last class for the Pot Holder quilt course and I asked everyone if I could take pictures of their work and share them in a blog post, they agreed :)  There were 10 of in the class and here is their handy work....
 It's always neat to see how we all had the same patterns, but everyone's blocks look so different because of the fabrics that were chosen.

 These are my friend Debbie's blocks, she had completed the most blocks of the class, 30!! and she was in the process of sewing them together. She is thinking about making some more to add so that it will fit her bed. A light and cheery quilt for Spring and Summer.
 These are the instructors blocks, she is using brown as the color to tie all her blocks together. I'm pretty sure she said her quilt will be used as a wall hanging.

I already shared my blocks with you so I won't bore you again, but as soon as I have the whole quilt done, I'll show you my finished project.   It was a fun class and I learned a few new quilting tricks. I hope they offer another interesting class again soon.

Today we are being hit by another snow storm so the kids are home and I'm in the process of rearranging the family room(yes again, but you know I like to move things around and it's totally Free!!)

Have a marvelous day,



  1. Some great blocks there Tiff.
    Enjoy your rearranging.xx

  2. Oh how I wish we had a class like that near me! Those blocks are beautiful! Yours were too. Have a great day!
    Be blessed,

  3. You know...I love seeing one item made by different people...such great comparisons - they all are wonderful

  4. Those are going to be some beautiful quilts..We have snow flying here too..Hard to believe tomorrow is the first day of Spring..Have a wonderful week..

  5. Such beautiful work!The finished quilts will be fantastic.Hugs,Jen


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