Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Pot Holder Quilt Class...

Each Monday night, for the last three weeks, my friend Debbie and I have been taking a quilting class through our local adult ed program(only one more left).  The subject of the class is Pot Holder quilts.  If you have never heard of them, go HERE for a quick history. And HERE is a old example of one.

My blocks are all machine done, including the quilting because I just don't have the time(nor the desire) to hand quilt them all. But I do hand sew the bindings on.  I was going to do a dark color scheme of civil war reproduction prints, but the colors just weren't calling to me. I've always adored 30's era quilts with white backgrounds and feedsack prints, so that is was I decided upon.  And luckily, I had everything in my stash, the only thing I had to purchase was the batting.  The white is actually an old cotton sheet, so I'm keeping with the frugality of the era too :)

Each class she has given us 5 patterns for different blocks, we chose which ones we wanted to use.  A   pot holder quilt is made up of many patterns because they were made by several women at a time.  So far I have 14 blocks completed(couple of doubles in there).  The backing is white and I chose to do my bindings in varying prints.
 The last class was about applique, she showed us three different ways.  I think I will have 5 or 6 blocks of applique in my quilt.  I was originally planning just a 4' by 5' lap quilt, but I think it will now be 4' by 6' or even 5' by 6'(each block is 12").  The nice things about these quilts is that you can always add to them later.
 I'm loving the colors and the look of it so far. I won't start to assemble them until I have all the blocks complete so that I can see how I want them arranged.
 I love the feeling of accomplishment  seeing them all stacked and waiting for me :)
I won't be able to work on more blocks until the weekend as I have a big school party(Maine celebration for the whole 4th grade) coming up this Friday and I need to make the centerpieces and decorations for it(I have to remember to take pictures!!).

Have a glorious day,



  1. Tiff,
    I had never heard of a pot holder quilt so much thanks for the link to the history. I love that you are going with the charm of the 1930's era fabbies. I actually brought some squares that I started about 10 years ago in civil war type fabbies, back to Germany with me. I swear I'm going to actually finish it this year after I buy a sewing machine.

  2. Beautiful blocks,love the colours.xx

  3. Awesome..I love the colors and can't wait to see it finished..Have a great evening..


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