Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Car Seat Canopy and Diaper Bag...

I'm slowly checking things off my "to do" list, still lots on the list, but it is getting shorter!

Two of the sewing projects were completed over the last two days, the first is a car seat canopy....

I'm not a pattern follower for the most part, so I just made up my own.  This was a super easy and quick thing to make. Would make a wonderful baby present if you know someone expecting.

I used my handy dandy snap machine for the two parts that attach to the car seat, I really really like that thing. It's so easy to use and just gives a more finished look to projects.

I used flannel for the lining, to give a bit of warmth and more rain protection.

The 2nd project was a matching diaper bag, which I will use as Asher's hospital bag.  Again, I just winged it and made up my own pattern as I went along.  It's more of a messenger style bag than a traditional diaper bag.

I kept it simple, just one big pocket in the inside.

My next project is a blanket for him, it will match his going home outfit :)

Have a lovely day,



  1. I wish I could "wing" it as good! Our daughter had her baby early, on the 29th, all is good so your next!

  2. Love your projects. I need to figure out a smaller version of your bag for my purse.

    Enjoy, Janie

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