Thursday, January 28, 2010

Baby Sling...

After putting this off all morning,(I'm feeling miserable), I finally went in my sewing room and made a new baby sling. My old one was 16 yrs old and was given to me as a gift with my first baby. It was showing its age and the fabric was a bit dated. So I took the rings from it, used a piece of decorators fabric that I picked up awhile ago for $8 at a local shop and made a new one. Had I known how quick and easy this project would turn out to be, I would have done it long ago. The ironing took longer than the actual sewing.
I would model it for you, but it doesn't quite look right with the giant belly. I'll save the body shot for when I can actually show you the baby in it :)
Anyway, I'm happy with how it turned out and it is one more thing checked off my list.

Have a splendid day,


  1. Pretty fabric. Hope you feel better. janie

  2. it is very pretty! you did a great job!

  3. my friend makes these..and she uses the equine rings that she gets from feed type stores and they hold alot of weight to them...tried doing classes at Joanns for these and didn't not have a big response..I thought they were fabulous too..can't wait to see the baby in them..when are you due?

  4. How cute! I should have used one for Asa when he was littler, I'd hardly dare now as he's *so* stinkin' big. lol.

    Thanks for your nice comments on my blog, I really appreciate it. :-)

    Mrs. G

  5. I know you had a Q +A post a few back, sorry I missed it (we have been sick in this house, then I have been playing catch up) but I have a question about your sewing room shelf that holds all your thread. I have a birthday coming up and I would like one of those. I need to give my husband specifics for things like that. Could you post pics and give dimesions, that way I can give hubby details so he can make me something similar to that for my sewing room to hold all my spools of thread. I love yours and have a picture of it hanging on my wish list. Thanks Tiff.


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